1. How many sub-reports can report can have?

You can create 256 subreport in a main report . But you can't create a subreport within a subreport.

2. How to refresh the crystal report from the application?

Calling crystalreportcontrolname.reset (by selecting Report menu under Refresh the report menuitem at design time) will refresh the report.

3. How to write a formula to change a font based upon data?

Select the field
Select the FONT tab
Click the FORMULA BUTTON to the right of FONT
if ({YourField} = Value) then
"Times New Roman"

Click SAVE Icon
Close the formula editor
Click OK on the FORMAT screen

4. Are there any limitations in crystal reports?

Crystal Reports requires a technical hand to put together a report, whereas in BO, the end users can drag and drop fields to create the report on the fly

5. Explain basic steps required to display a simple report in crystal?

Crystal reports offer a report designer. First, select specific rows and columns from a table. Using the designer, the data on the report can be rearranged and formatted. Once the layout is complete, the report needs to be saved as .RPT.

6. Explain the various components in crystal reports?

When .NET application uses crystal reports, the following components are required:

Report files: .rpt or report files needs to be distributed which can either be compiled into the application (Embedded) or independently (non embedded) from the application.
Crystal reports merge module: The merge module ensures that the correct report components and component versions are installed with the application.
.Net Framework: - .Net framework must be available on the client machine.

7. How to access crystal reports in .NET?

When crystal reports are integrated with .NET, data can be accessed using ODBC drivers, ADO drivers, database files like excel, xml etc. Accessing data from data sources like ODBC drivers is called as the pull technology. In pull method, a built in wizard is used to select source to pull data from and the tables and fields are then selected to use in the report. In push method data set is created at run time and passed to the report.