1. Explain CLR?

CLR is abbreviated as Common Language Runtime and it forms heart of the .NET framework. It is the responsibility of runtime to take care of the code execution of the program. CLR takes care of the following:
★ Garbage Collection
★ Code Verification
★ Code Access Security
★ IL (Intermediate Language)

2. Explain CLS?

Common Language Specification is a subset of CTS and it is used to unite all languages in to one umbrella. This extends to support all the .NET language into one unit.

3. Which classes a DLL can contain?

Unlimited number of classes can be present in a DLL.

4. Explain deep copy?

Deep copy is nothing but creating a new object and then copying the non-static fields of the current object to new object.

5. Explain Managed code?

Managed Code is used to run inside the CLR environment and it is called as .NET run time. All Intermediate Language (IL) are set to be Managed code.

6. How to store decimal data in .NET?

BinaryWriter is used to store decimal data in .NET.

7. So you know which DLL Is used for Microsoft .NET run time?

Mscoree.dll is used for Microsoft .NET runtime DLL.

8. Which class allows an element to be accessed using Unique key?

Hash table is the collection class that allows an element to be accessed using Unique key.

9. Explain Code Security?

.NET framework provides security features to secure code from unauthorized users. There are two types of security in .NET:
★ Role based security - Authorizes User
★ Code access security - Protects system resources from unauthorized calls