1. What is a CRM? Where it is primary used?

CRM means Customer Relationship Management.
Mostly it deals with Customers and Thier
Contacts,Addressess ando so on.
Includin this

services,finance,sales,marketting is there.

It is for loyalty,
and Profitability and so on.

2. Explain what are the parameters of FD32?

FD32 IS Manitaing creditmanagement records
here we can give the amount of the customer how much he is
haveing credit limit

3. What is the difference between MIS and ERP?

.Management Information System
.Generates reports on user demand
.MIS for the Decision making reports
.Collect data form all department then generate the report as user require

.Enterprise Resource Planning
.Mostly used in Manufacturing Organizations
.Each Department have its own activity
.user friendly with hight cost factor
.All departments Modules are separate activity w.r.t their work

4. Define a CRM and what are its uses?

The process of learning more about customer?s needs such as
information about customers , sales, marketing
effectiveness, responsiveness and market trends is known as
Customer Relationship Management shortly it can be called
as CRM.

Uses of CRM :
It helps businesses use technology and human resources to
know about the behavior and values of customers.

5. How does a CRM help business to grow?

CRM strategies that go beyond technology, helping companies
acquire and retain customers, build lasting relationships,
improve loyalty, gain insight, and implement customer-
focused strategies. It enables companies to become customer-
centric enterprises, helping them drive new growth,
maintain competitive agility, and attain operational

6. What information can a CRM projects collect?

CRM(ICWC) projects collect customer details,service
information which it provides to customers.

7. How we do business partner enhancing in sap crm
What is the diff between b.p role and customer master?

we can enhance business patrner via visual configuration
tool(VCT) transaction code is bupt .And the differnce is BP
roles are used to determine screen sequences and field
control, where as customer master is the database which
store all data about the customers.

9. How will we come to know that our crm projects has been transferred to r/3?

In marketing plan u 'll have administartion data tab there
u can see the status of projects whether they are
transfered to r/3 or BW also