1. Why sap script client depended and smart forms are client independent

By design, SAP script is a word processing tool which
displays data on the form with the help of text elements
where the logic of those is written in the print program and
Forms were designed to be driven from print program, hence
are often termed as client dependent. Smart forms are client
independent. Bcoz it doesn't use any text elements. It will
be executed through a function module. When a print program
calls a Smart Form, the form itself takes over to produce
output, without any further direction from print program.

3. How will you display top 5 records form an internal table ?

write a simple syntax:
loop at it_tab1 INTO wa_tab from 1 to 5.


4. How will you copy a Sapscript from one client to another client & from login language to org language

if form is available in $TMP:
execute se71 in required client
menu bar--> utilities---> copy from client
provide form name,source client target form. and click on

execute scc1--> provide source client--> transport request
and select the check box INCLUDING REQUEST SUB TASK-->CLICK
ON start immediately in application tool bar --> click on yes

5. When we should use ABAP Memory and SAP Memory

ABAP Memory- The contents of the ABAP/4 memory are retained
only during the lifetime of an external session. You can
retain or pass data across internal sessions. The EXPORT to
memory and IMPPORT from MEMORY statement allow you to write
data to or read data from the ABAP memory.

SAP MEMORY - Otherwise known as global memory is available
to a user during the entire duartion of a terminal session.
It's contents are retained across transaction boundaries as
well as external and internal sessions. SET PARAMETER & GET
PARAMETER statements allows you to WRITE TO/ READ from the
SAP memory.

6. What are the advantages and disadvantages of ABAP/4 query tool

-->Interactive functionality not available.
--> No header lines or PF_STATUS is possible.
--> Not possible to add checkboxes, ICONS, Symbols etc

7. What are different tools to report data in SAP? What all have you used?

Report Painter and Report Writer

This tool can be accessed as follows.
SAP Menu >>>> Information Systems >>>> Ad Hoc Reports >>>>
Report Painter

: Instead of using ABAP code to write a report in FI and
CO, Transaction MC27 is used by a lot of consultants to
build a report by using Report Painter/ Report Writer
library. Transaction GRCT has many advantages over MC27 in
most cases, and eliminates the need to use transaction

8. When a program is created and need to be transported to production does selection texts always go with it? if not how do you make sure? Can you change the CTS entries? How
do you do it?

if you are creating a new program then it will not ask request
for selection texts
and they wiill be automatically included in request and

If you are modifying an existing program and then if you want
to change selection
text then it will ask for request for text also then save it
in same request and transport.

9. What is the most complex interactive report that was written by you?

Daily materials report.
Tables used: ekbe, "History per Purchasing Document.
mseg, "Document Segment: Material.
qcpr, "QM quality certificates in procurement
j_1igrxref, "Goods Receipt to Excise Invoice
mkpf. "Header: Material Document.