1. What is the use of item number in maintenance order?

Item number refers to the number (not material number) to
identify the material component that is to be used for an
operation in the maintenance order.It is generally given in
increments of 0010.It is the first field in the Components
tab of a maintenance order.

2. What is refurbishment order? Explain the total cycle?

Refurbishment order is used for upgradation of damaged /
defective spare parts and are sagregated as condition
based . eg C1, C2 and C3

create refurbishment order- withdrawawal of spare parts
from store- refurbishment execution- order completion
confirmation- refurbished parts back to store- goods
receipt for returning

3. What are the common PM interview questions?

1)What about class & characteristics is it also the same
2)counter is triggers order when particular value set
comes ,so is it possible to trigger it on alpha bet instead
of digit reference for any type of counting . i.e. Is it
possible to count alpha bet instead of digit?
3) When I search that t code on sap forum It will show for
sub order .So when & why we create sub order
4) What is significance of T code iw36.
5) In IMG settings, Maintain the Value category for
Internal labor cost, and assigned to appreciate cost
elements group.

4. How to add the counter plan and strategy plan in a single maintenance plan?

multiple counter plan and stratergy plan cannot be added
together, If u add counter plan with a stratergy, counter
plan will be taken into cosideration ,stratergy will not be

5. How can we assign measuring points to a strategy plan like compressor running hrs?

Go to the change equipment transaction , then extra, then
add or replace counters. then select the desired counter by
F4 help. you can't directly add counters or measuring pts
to a maintenance plan.
u can do this for equipment ,FL and PRT only.

6. What is aMilestone Confirmation?

The milestone confirmation is a special form of
confirmation, in which the confirmation of one operation
causes other operations or suboperations to be
automatically confirmed at the same time.

Milestones are operations that have the corresponding
indicator in the control key.
Operations can be defined as milestone operations in their
control keys. If a milestone operation is confirmed, then
previous operations are automatically confirmed.

7. What is Work Centre Categoey?

Basically work center category decides the capacity (means
ability to do work). The category defines the activity type
for costing and scheduling the categories mainly we come
accross in the production are labour and machine. Hence to
define labour cost, machine cost and setup cost we define
work center category to create work center and we enter
defaults therein. For a period of time if there are no much
changes we generally prefer production line, and if there
are much changes in the production we prefer activity type
for individual order which we call production order. By
this you can understand cat type 001 for machine and cat
type for labour.

Work center category used to define which screen selection
& field selection for a particular work center.

8. How to schedule counter base maintenance plant for DG in power plant that need 800hr per month maint this steps i followed.
1)i have created meas pt with counter (IK01) created meas
document IK11 then schedule thru IP10.
but not getting due order list in ip24

First of all, you cannot get 800 hrs per month...

For counter based... it will schedule in two days... like..
days and hours... but.. if u schedule in IP10..it wil take
the annual reading and schedule the dates.. So.. if the
running hrs didn't reach, but the date reached... so.. it
will open a order...

Give the annual reading according to the running hrs of the
DG.. then u will get

9. How to set the deletion flag to Functional location and also want to know how to hide the flagged Functional location?

You can use transaction code IL02 to change functional
location, highlight the respecitve functional location and
go to edit at the top tool bar, their you select functions
change and their you can click delete, to set a flag delete.

You cannot hide this fucntional location when you display
IH01 , the functional location heirarchy is displayed but
once you click it , the screen appears showing the
functional location is created with flag for deletion

10. What is meant by single cycle plan ?how it works?

single cycle plan is may be performance-based or time-
based but here it not required to maintain strategy.By
entering main. category we will create maint. plan for
particular object by using t-code IP41.

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