1. What is the use of Sort code?

The system sorts the line items according to the content of
the sort key mentioned in the GL master.
For example: In a customer recon. account we enter ('031'
customer number) in Sort key field. So when you run line
item display FAGLL03 - system will display line items SORTED
by customer numbers.

2. What is the use of Trading Partner in GL account?

It is used for consolidation. Each of your transaction that
you do with your partner/sister/holding company needs to
have a trading partner. Hence, if you have a specific G/L
account that you solely use when you transact with a
particular company within your group, this will default
your transactions to that company.

3. What is the use of Relevant to Cash Flow filed in GL account?

Use of this point in GL ac master record if you don't check
this point then the payment document does not treated as
payment and you will get a message"this is not a payment
document" by the system. so to mark the document as payment
document we use this field.

4. What is the use of Rec.account and open item management, for which account we?

Reconciliation is nothing but a link between gl acccounts and sub ledger.with out this link we can't post directly in sub ledgers. it will not update our gl accounts.

open item management is used to clear the outstandings. in this method we can clear full payment, partial payment, or residual payment.

5. What is the Meaning of up to docs in APP and what is the use of it?

The date entered here consider the invoices posted till this
date in the current APP run.

6. What is the importance of next Posting or Payment date in APP and how it will effect the business?

The next posting date is used in order to check the due
dates of the payables, if an open item is overdue on the
date of next posting run it will include in the next payment
The business effects are, if the overdue items is not paid
the company has to pay interest on the arrears and will not
be eligible to get the discounts on the early payment.

7. What are the steps to run the Payment Run? Explain by point wise?

The payment process consists of four steps:
1.Setting parameters: In this step, the following
questions are asked and
What is to be paid?
Which payment methods will be used?
When will the payment be made?
Which company codes will be considered?
How are they going to be paid?
2.Generating a proposal: The system starts the proposal
run after you have
entered the parameters. It generates a list of business
partners and open
invoices that are due for payment. Invoices can be blocked
or unblocked
for payment.
3.Scheduling the payment run: Once the payment list has
been verified,
the payment run is scheduled. A payment document is created
and the
general ledger and sub-ledger accounts are updated.
4.Printing the payment media: The accounting functions
are completed
and a separate print program is scheduled to generate the
payment media.

8. What are the difference between verstions of 5.o and ecc6.0?

There is lot of diff. b/w ECC5.0 & ECC6.0. Some of them
are ECC5.0 accept only Oracle 9i whereas ECC6.0 accept
Oracle 10g, In ECC5.0 we can use harddisk space 100 to
110GB but in ECC6.0 250GB harddisk space will be available,
ECC5.0 version is 2004s & ECC6.0 version is 2005s.

9. What is the difference between the functional consultant and technical consultant in SAP. what are the duties of them?

Functinal Consultant; is responsible for configuring
functional aspects for which SAP supports or config as per
sap std.
Technical Consultant; he can change or modify or create new
tables, tcode, programmes, structure, fields as per client
for example; he can create new/own BAPI/Script to design
output as per client requirement, he can change design of
screen, tabs etc.

In other word technical consultant can change standard sap
and create Z tables, tcode, programmes, structure, fields
to fullfill client requirement.

10. How to change the account group of a customer?

you are talking about customer account group and not
about Account assignment group.

Use T code XD07 to change customer account group.

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