1. What is Task & Activity?

Basically there are two kinds of Activities, which
are called as Tasks and Business activities.
A Business activity contains information about business
partner interaction on a particular date
A Task contains information about what one or more
employees have to complete by a particular date.
In very simple words Tasks are activities in which the BP
is not involved and activities are in which the BP data is

2. What is mapping? How it is done?

Can you please elaborate the question, what kind of
mapping are you talking about, mapping is done in External
list management

3. In Delta download which table is retrieve from R/3 to CRM?

It's not just one table or a specific table that is
retrieved from R/3 to CRM. Based on the filters set
initially for different object types whenever the data is
modified or deleted the same will be replicated to CRM from
R3 in the form of Bdocs or Idocs.

4. What is the rule of organizational determination?

There are two types of Organizational determination
Organization determination rule: The respective
organization is determined based on the organization or
general attributes assigned to the organization in the
organizational model.
Responsibility rule: In this rule, the Org attributes are
not considered and the responsible Organization unit is
assigned directly.

5. What is Action Profile?

1) You assign an action profile directly to a transaction
type/item category.
2) Action profile consist of actions
3) Actions consist of schedule conditions, Start
conditions, processing types and process time.

6. At the time of Implemention, What type of problem you generally face?

There will be different phases in Implementation,
you actually do a lot of brain storming sessions in the
blue print phase and in the realization phase you do all
your trials and configurations or may be experiments :) in
the sand box. So you can't really say there are specific
problems. It actually involves a lot of discussions.

7. What is difference between ECC & CRM?

Simple words ECC is R/3 and you know what CRM is

8. What is Activity Journal?

With activity journals, you can record and update
information gathered from customer visit or telephone calls.
For example activity journals can contain:
. Products or product categories
. Product-related information such as what products were
discussed with the customer or the number of samples given
to the customer

9. How to find target group & what is the flow of BP to Target group?

In marketing to execute a campaign you need a
Target group.
Target group in simple words is nothing but a group of
BP's. You can create a target group in segment builder (T-

10. What type of Business Scenario you are following in you Project? Business Scenario means what?

Business scenario is nothing but what is the
process, like for example how is the CRM application used
by your client.
Example: for us the sales reps from different location in
US raise the sales orders in the CRM system and they flow
to R/s and we also implemented the marketing module to run
the e-mail campaigns for the product promotions.

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