1. What are the functions are available in PI?

it is actual available material counting

2. What is the difference b/w Graphical mapping and XSLT mapping?

XSLT MAPPING Converts from xml to text,html,dhtml.and the
main difference is the XSLT Mapping itself generates the
target structure.there is no other tool or mapping in
convertin xml to text and html.

3. What is message monitoring, component monitoring and performance monitoring.?

Message monitoring is to monitor status of message that if
it is successful or in waiting state, or tobedelivered or
if it is in error at what point it is in error and to
review all the steps of message in Adapter engine or
integration engine with payload.

Component monitoring means majorly to monitor status of
communication channels that they are flowing data properly
or not, status of adapter engine etc.

Performance Monitoring is to monitor instance of servers
for each and every interface.

4. What is inbound proxy and out bound proxy?

Inbound proxy is server proxy and outbound proxy is
client proxy.
In client server architecture let me explain, that someone
is sending request for data then that someone will be
server and that is through proxy and client will fulfill
this requirement and send the responce back through proxy
that is outbound proxy.

5. Suppose I have IDoc to file Scenaio is there. In that
why dont you create sender agreement for this scenario.
Please let me know proper reason.?

This is because, the IDOC communication exists between SAP
system and PI system. In case of sender being SAP system,
the RFC destination are created at SAP end and the IDOC is
directly posted into the PI system port through Native
Communication. Hence no Sender agreement is required.

7. What is the use of metadata? Can we create that?

Metadata or message Metadata provides the structure
definition of XI message .
can be created in IR . which is called as Message Type.

8. Does the idoc is created in XI?

To use a idoc in xi . The idoc should be imported from
sapR/3. It should be done in integration repository.When u
enter into integration repository choose the radio button
import objects RFC/IDOC.

9. Where do we find the idoc in xi?

Integration repository --> Imported objects ---> Idoc.

10. Who will prepare the functional spec?

Functional Spec derives from Software requirements.
Software requirement derives from Marketing requirements.
MRs will be prepared by Business Analysts with help of
So, Functional Spec is a small piece of requirement to fill
business requirement. Finally the Functionality will be
validated/Verified against MRs tested by End User during
user acceptency testing.
Finally, S/W Functional specs will be prepared by Process
Owners / Business Analysts.

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