How many ways to include the array elements in Double-Quoted Strings using PHP?

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There are 2 formats to include array elements in double-quoted strings in PHP:

► "part 1 $array[key] part 2" - This is called simple format. In this format, you can not specify the element key in quotes.
► "part 1 {$array['key']} part 2" - This is called complex format. In this format, the array element expression is specified in the same way as in a normal statement.

Here is a PHP script example of different ways to include variables in double-quoted strings:
$fruits = array('strawberry' => 'red', 'banana' => 'yellow');
echo "A banana is $fruits[banana]. ";
echo "A banana is {$fruits['banana']}. ";

This script will print:
A banana is yellow.
A banana is yellow.
"A banana is $fruits['banana']. " will give you a syntax error.
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