Role-specific Finance Analyst Job Interview Questions:

Submitted by: Muhammad
☛ How do your credentials make you better at your job?
☛ Do you have experience in [________]? (e.g. benchmarking, DCF analysis)
☛ What is NPV and where would you use it?
☛ Name the 4 financial statements and how they connect with each other
☛ Describe and explain a cash flow statement
☛ If debts owed to the company increase, how would the income statement change?
☛ Name a few ratios that can help you evaluate a company
☛ What information/model would you need to produce an annual forecasting report?
☛ How would you rate your proficiency in Excel?
☛ Have you ever used this (specific) financial analysis software?
☛ What methods could you use for selecting a project? How would WACC and IRR help you?
☛ What is important to consider/calculate when reaching a decision on an investment?
☛ What developments do you see in the economy of the (specific) industry?
☛ Do you follow the stock market? Which stocks in particular?
Submitted by: Muhammad

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