Operational and Situational Finance Analyst Job Interview Questions:

Submitted by: Muhammad
☛ Imagine that you hand in a report you are not satisfied with. Later you discover that you made a mistake although your supervisor doesn't notice. How would you handle it?
☛ Envisage that you are talking to someone who has no financial background. How would you explain the concept of solvency/IRR/ROE etc.
☛ If you had to make a decision about a loan, what are the most important elements you need to consider?
☛ Envisage senior management asks you to create a quick report presenting the financial data they are most interested in. What would you include in that report?
☛ Imagine you have to convince an investor of the company's overall health. What are some important concepts or metrics you need to present?
☛ Suppose the company shows positive cash flow and management asks you if that means the company is doing well. What do you reply?
Submitted by: Muhammad

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