What are the various SDLC models?

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Some SDLC models
★ The Linear model (Waterfall)
- Separate and distinct phases of specification and development
- All activities in linear fashion
- Next phase starts only when first one is complete
* Evolutionary development
- Specification and development are interleaved (Spiral,incremental,prototype based,Rapid Application development)
- Incremental Model (Waterfall in iteration)
- RAD(Rapid Application Development) - Focus is on developing quality product in less time
- Spiral Model - We start from smaller module and keeps on building it like a spiral. It is also called Component based development.
★ Formal systems development
- A mathematical system model is formally transformed to an implementation
★ Agile Methods
- Inducing flexibility into development
★ Reuse-based development
- The system is assembled from existing components
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