1. Explain advertising?

Advertising is the non-personal communication of information
usually paid for and usually persuasive in nature about
products, services or ideas by identified sponsors through
the various media.

2. Which is best SUN tv or VIJAY tv?

Depending on cable operator services provided, both are best.

3. What is grapevine?

Grapevine is an informal communication spread through a
rumor made by a person or a group of people. It spreads
very rapidly in a random way.

4. The customer tells you he would like to think about it, what do you say to convince him to buy now?

If I am confidant about the requirement of the customer I
will ask him this is the best opportunity for him, and If i
have to think for best option then I will call him latter.

5. Are you ready for T-Mobile G-Slate?

LG is all set to release a lion out of its groove on
America's Largest 4G Network: LG Mobile Phones Announce
Their First 4G Android 3.0 Powered Tablet - T-Mobile G-Slate
With Google.
The T-Mobile G-Slate is first 4G tablets to optimizre
Android 3.0 & use the latest Android technology to its
advantage. Designed for the devices with larger screen
sizes, it addresses the unique aspects of tablet use.


yes one should have a passion for good creative writing and
a way of presentation start with small news channel or
papers as part time writers or join the company as sales
professional learn the necessary skills from people in the
organization and make your way in the department.and
remember journalism is and art and not a science all u need
is passion and a skill.

7. What is Development Communication?

Use of communication technology, mass media and different
channels/media of communication for promotion of health,
social development/rural development issues is coined as
development communication.

8. Worlds most fabled men?

malik akbar siddiuqi

9. Why do online advertising?

Because this is economical and 24hours in show the client