1. What are the responsibilities of a marketing assistant?

Marketing assistant responsibilities can range from planning new campaigns, to writing press releases and promoting and attending company events. Online marketing is also growing in influence, with marketers in this role working to drive web traffic to websites.

2. Can you tell me what should a marketing assistant aim?

Marketing assistants should aim to demonstrate enthusiasm, inventiveness and excellent communication skills during the interview. Any online marketing skills should also be mentioned as these are likely to be highly valued by employers.

3. Do you know what makes good marketing material as marketing assistant?

Brilliant copy and visually stunning material is the cornerstone of good marketing. Material should always focus on the brand and engage with the most important customers.

4. Please tell me about marketing assistant?

Marketing assistants play an important role in the branding and promotion side of a business, working to interest new clients and customers with their ideas and campaigns and provide a stream of incoming opportunities.

5. Do you know what is marketing?

The action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising.

6. Do you know what are the qualities of a good marketing assistant?

Marketing assistants need to be able to communicate well and collaborate comfortably with other team members to devise, plan and implement projects and campaigns effectively and within a budget.

7. What brought you to marketing in the first place?

This is your opportunity to talk about your passion for marketing and to demonstrate that you understand the purpose of role. Say that you enjoy researching consumer trends to better understand buying habits and using this information to help engage with customers.

8. What do you think makes a great marketing assistant?

A good marketing assistant should be able to turn their hand to any aspect of marketing, from writing copy to helping organise events and communicating with clients and team members.

9. Why are you particularly interested in marketing assistant's job?

Do some research on the company and praise their products and any major marketing campaigns they have done. The interviewer may have been behind the campaign and will be pleased to hear you talk about it.

10. Do you have any search engine optimization skills or experience as marketing assistant?

If you do you can speak freely about this. If not, read up on the SEO advice from Google and familiarize yourself with all the major changes that Google has launched in the last two years. Google has massively changed SEO recently and quality content on websites is now a driving factor.

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11. How do you think social media can be used to enhance a brand and win more business as marketing assistant?

Say that you enjoy using social media for both business and leisure. To enhance brand and awareness, companies should actively manage their own social media pages on Facebook, Twitter and Google so that they can drive the direction of the conversion and reach out to customers. Social media is now central to reputation management.

12. As marketing assistant do you think offline marketing is dying out?

Absolutely not. Talk about the continuing importance of television and radio advertising and business events. Television marketing continues to be a dominant force.

13. Do you have experience of creating bespoke marketing campaigns?

Ideally you have and will be able to talk freely about what you did, why you enjoyed it and say that it worked. If you have not, do some research and say that you have not had the opportunity but have studied many campaigns with interest.

14. How do you make sure you never miss a deadline as marketing assistant?

Say that you maintain a diary and a 'to do' list and update both after every appointment and every task is completed. Explain how you prioritise your workload and that you are not afraid to request assistance from your team if you know you cannot complete it on time yourself.

15. What do your work colleagues think of you as marketing assistant?

Be positive but do not go over the top. For instance comment on how associates have in the past remarked on your friendly attitude, thoroughness and ability to get things done on time.

16. What have your achievements been to date as marketing assistant?

Give a solution that is related to work and if possible the job you are applying for. Demonstrate something that shows how you saved a previous employer money, made them more efficient or increased revenue.

17. Please tell me how would you handle public complaints and criticisms on the social media account?

The best way is to always apologise and invite the individual to contact you direct to resolve the matter. It is best to take the conversation offline and once resolved, request that the individual leaves a comment to say they are happy with the outcome.

18. Do you like working in a team environment as marketing assistant?

There is only one answer for this:
Say that you thrive in a team environment and that you enjoy working with others on projects and believe that working as a team allows you to achieve far more than is possible alone.

19. Do you enjoy throwing yourself into marketing as marketing assistant?

Of course you do. You believe in learning on the job and getting involved from the start. You want to be part of the action from the outset and start making positive changes from the day you start in the new job.

20. What do you dislike about your job as marketing assistant?

Remember not to directly criticize or be negative about the company, managers or supervisors. Instead find other general issues to focus on.
☛ Sometimes it is difficult for me to get a sense of my own achievement in a big company like my present employer.
☛ There are very few opportunities for advancement with my present employer who are a small company.

What NOT to mention:
☛ Overtime issues.
☛ Salary expectations.

21. What do you like about your job as marketing assistant?

Try to link what you like to any of the requirements of the job you are applying for. Also keep in mind that you are looking to leave your present jobs so don't make a big list.
☛ It provides me with constant new challenges to test my abilities.
☛ Communicating and meeting with new people.
☛ Able to use your initiative.
☛ Working as part of a team.

22. What do you enjoy about the field of marketing?

This can be a tough question that will put you on the spot. When responding be polite, diplomatic and give a good business related answer.
☛ I can't really give you a accurate answer because at this time I don't know the scope of the job, it's responsibilities, hours etc.
☛ The job I perform, the salary I receive and the circumstances at my current company are not really comparable to the opportunity we are discussing today. However when I consider my skill sets, academic qualifications and work experience.

23. How would you cope with a difficult colleague as marketing assistant?

☛ This really depends on what my co-worker is doing, the severity of their actions and the specific problems or disruption that they may be causing. Having said that no matter what the situation is, I would always remain in control of any situation and concentrate on my work. I would not take any arguments or heated discussions personally or hold grudges against work colleagues.
☛ I would avoid them and only talk to them or cooperate with them when required to in the course of my daily duties.

24. Tell me about a problem you have solved as marketing assistant?

This can be a tricky question to answer, especially if you have never held a supervisory/managerial position or had any form of responsibility. In your replies you need to display resourcefulness, an ability to solve problems, your decision making skills and be able to clearly explain the approach you used. No matter how little work experience you have you should always be able to lead and come up with creative solutions. Describe situations where you came up with an idea that increased efficiency in your office or cut costs after you discovered a cheaper supplier etc.

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25. What is the main difference between marketing and sales?

☛ Sales almost always deals with closing a deal. The purpose is to make contact with potential customers and encourage them to commit to a purchase or a follow up meeting.
☛ Marketing is concerned with raising brand awareness; you are not trying to sell the product directly, you are trying to make people aware of it and want to buy it.