5. One of the most promising developments in multivariable segmentation is called _________________ where a host of demographic and socioeconomic factors is used

* a) Terragraphic segmentation
* b) Fermagraphic segmentation
* c) Geothermy segmentation
* d) Geodemographic segmentation

Answer c

7. Regulations that arise to ensure that firms take responsibility for the social costs of their products or production processes stem from which reason for government legislation of business

* a) To protect companies from each other
* b) To protect consumers from unfair business practices
* c) To protect the interests of society
* d) To protect businesses from unfair consumer demands

Answer a

8. One of the most common problems with using internal database information is that:

* a) Since it was probably collected for some other purpose, it may be incomplete or wrong.
* b) It is usually expensive to retrieve.
* c) Top executives are usually unwilling to relinquish data; therefore, the data has limits.
* d) The data is usually unsecured and, therefore, suspect as to reliability.

Answer d

9. The first modern environmental movement in the United States began in the:

* a) 1940s
* b) 1950s
* c) 1960s and 1970s
* d) mid-1980s

Answer c