1. List some tips for getting experience to become an adventurer?

Here are a few tips for getting experience to become an adventurer:
☛ Study
☛ Sign up for the Peace Corps
☛ Look for a nanny job abroad
☛ Teach English
☛ Sign up for a mission trip or a study abroad program
☛ Take a "gap year" and plan an adventure yourself

2. List a few tips for making adventure your career?

Here are a few tips to follow for making adventure your career:
☛ Get a job doing what you want.
☛ Seek funding for your expeditions.
☛ Document your adventures.
☛ Get a job where the adventure is.
☛ Get a job that requires travel
☛ Stay in academia.

3. Why should you be looking for a nannying job abroad?

It is common for young and unemployed women to work abroad in the childcare industry. It can be a fairly lucrative short-term opportunity, giving you the chance to immerse yourself in a new culture and make some money.
Staying in close quarters with a family is a great way to learn the culture and language, too, as well as building a long-term relationship with a family that you can follow up on later in your adventuring career. If you work in Germany with a family for a year, that's one friendly group of folks you'll always know when you're passing through with a backpack and need a warm place to sleep.

4. List a few thing you will need before going on an adventure?

☛ Reference materials, internet access
☛ Equipment as per your adventure, and clothing, etc.
☛ GPS, cell phone, maps, compass, all the things that help you find your way
☛ Funds and a solid budget
☛ Vacation time or unpaid leave from work (unless you are independently wealthy or willing to change occupations and live on the cheap)
☛ Blog or website to keep everyone informed Camera, To record your adventure in pictures.

5. What are the warnings while going for an adventure?

Spontaneity will still arise as part of the adventure but not without your asthma medication, leech-proof socks, and rain poncho. Be prepared.

6. List some important tips before being an adventurer?

☛ Check for free ways to have real adventures like couch-surfing, language instruction, or vehicle transport for other party.
☛ There are plenty of packing lists you can find online for any kind of adventure, so make use of those by doing a quick search online, to save reinventing the wheel.
☛ Ask the locals for information wherever you go. Guidebooks can only take you so far and they're subjective anyway. It's a great opportunity to talk to local people and find out a lot more than you would normally.
☛ Carry a light weight load. Your backpack should carry only a comfortable amount of weight.

7. Why should you stay in academia?

While a large portion of the year will be devoted to on campus and in-class work, there are a variety of research positions available that will provide you with ample opportunity to get into the field on salary, the opportunity for sabbatical trips, and the necessary support to do the work that you want to do, whatever it is. If you need to be at the Tower of London to do research for your next historical novel, the support of a university is one of the best chances you're going to get.

8. Why to get a job that requires travel?

Jobs that require travel, like salesmen, activity coordinators, musicians, or migrant laborers will ensure that you are constantly on the move and that every new day of work will yield and exciting and new experience.
Alternatively, try getting a job that you can do from anywhere. Telecommuting work, like copy editing, programming, and other online jobs will allow you the ability to work from home, from abroad, or from wherever you like. Gather together as many opportunities as possible and make your own hours.

9. How to get a job where the adventure is?

If being in country is an adventure for you, then whatever you are doing when you are there is adventurous, and will allow you to explore on your own in your own neighborhood. Get a job leading sightseeing tours or doing manual labor in a place you love and work for the weekend.
Many agricultural areas will hire seasonal labor, picking fruit, pruning grape vines, or doing other outdoor work. It can be challenging and low-paying, but if it allows you to move around, pack up, and leave on a regular basis, it may satisfy those adventurers with wanderlust.

10. Why should you document your adventures?

Write about your adventures. Consider updating people about your adventurous experiences via a blog, websites, or other social media networks. Film your exploits. The best way to get other people interested in your adventures and to get your name out there as an adventurer in need of funding is to market yourself and your particular set of talents.
Selling freelance photography or your videos is one of the best ways to get a foot in the door for a full time job with a publication or media service. Got great pictures of the great horned owls you saw on a hike? Try sending them to magazines. If you have got a great story about your time in Istanbul that needs to be told, try and get it published. If it is marketable, you may get a job offer.

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