1. What not to say about career aspirations?

☛ Don't say you want to be in the Interviewer's role.
☛ Don't indicate this position is a stepping stone to the position you really want.
☛ Don't say you don't know, or you don't care.
☛ Don't focus on your personal life. There is no need to mention travel or family plans.

2. What are your long term interest in desire to learn?

In the next five years I'd like to learn new skills, take on extra responsibility and hopefully see myself advancing to the next level.

3. What are your long term interest in overall goals?

Over the next five years I'd like to develop my leadership skills and move into my first management role. I see this position will expand my responsibilities, so it's the perfect role for helping me accomplish my goal.

4. What are your long term interest in new challenges?

I'm excited by the challenge of this new role, it's a great opportunity to develop my skills and to make a positive contribution to XYZ Company over the next five years.

5. What are your long term interest in self study?

I have recently completed/started tertiary studies in "XYZ" in order to advance my career. I'm committed to applying my knowledge in the field over the next five years.

6. What are career aspirations examples for experienced professionals?

☛ Sales Manager offering 5 years of corporate experience in the utilities sector with a track record of producing increased department profitability by an average of 11% annually.
☛ To secure a business development position leveraging strong customer service and relationship building skills while utilizing over 11 years of business experience including 7 years of overachieving sales quotas.
☛ Experienced machinist/shop assistant in the clothing and textile industry seeks a position where six years skills and knowledge can be applied.
☛ To obtain a position as a software program designer in a challenging environment that utilizes team-work effort for researching, learning and developing new high-tech products.

7. What are career aspirations examples for entry level applicants?

☛ To gain employment with a company or institution that offers me a consistently positive atmosphere to learn new technologies and implement them for the betterment of the business.
☛ Seeking an entry-level position in marketing utilizing my strong analytical and communication skills combined with a Bachelor of Arts in Marketing.
☛ Recent university graduate seeking an internship with an online media company which can utilize my developed skills in communications and multimedia design.
☛ Recent political science honors graduate and former member of university student senate seeking a position requiring intuitive research capabilities and constructive policy formulation.

8. What is your career aspiration as customer service?

To obtain a customer service position at a top-notch company and utilize the skills I have obtained through previous work experience.

9. What is your career aspiration as marketing assistant?

Motivated business school graduate seeking a marketing assistant position to help develop and implement communications procedures and projects. Possess a Bachelor's degree in business/marketing combined with international experience from a study abroad internship. Thrives in high-pressure environments and is deadline driven. Honest, ethical and reliable.

10. What is your career aspiration as personnel assistant?

A position as personnel assistant in human resources department of public service organization that would permit me an opportunity to utilize my knowledge of wage administration, grievance procedures, benefit programs publications, safety, labor relations, and employment.

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