1. When you have been given physically demanding task or assignment how do you handle the situation?

Applicant should assess the risk involved and takes steps to not overstrain their physical capacity.

2. When was last occasion you had to make an instant decision to prevent a dangerous situation from becoming a crisis?

Answer should display an intuitive reaction to protecting life and property when public safety is at stake.

3. How regularly do you change computer access code or password? Why do you make the change and what could be the result if you neglected to do so?

Applicant should seek to protect sensitive or confidential information by making non-obvious code choices when changing the password.

4. Tell me are you aware that your current work place does not have the most modern or effective safety equipment available. Does this bother you and/or how do you handle this situation?

The candidate should be not intimidated where issues of health and safety are concerned. They should be capable of expressing a desire to acquire it.

5. Has there been situation at home or within the work place where you have observed a potential safety risk that no one else seemed to consider? If so, how did you rectify the situation?

A candidate should have the capability and confidence to independently assess environmental or safety risks. They should also have self-assurance to state his opinion and have good decision making skills.

6. Has there been an occasion, when to proceed with project you have had to use specialist safety equipment?

Applicant should be completely willing to acquire and use protective equipment and use their accessories.

7. When was last occasion when others benefited from your description of personal experiences regarding safety hazards?

Applicant should show willingness and the skills to communicate experience of risks and safety hazards for the benefit of other.

8. Tell me about a time you handled a situation in the wrong way? Did you admit your mistake? If so, to whom? How did you handle situation?

Applicant should be straightforward, reliable, and able to accept their faults. They should want to learn from their mistakes and makes sure not to repeat them.

9. Do you regularly keep in touch with customers? How do you tell customers about new products and updates?

Applicant should want to keep a constant and persistent eye on his customers and their requirements. He/she should be at ease when communicating with his/her clients.

10. What is your approach towards your personal and professional goals? How do you prioritize them? Give me some examples?

Applicant should consider work a very important part of life. And have the ability to adjust or compromise other issues to achieve professional goals.

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