1. Why should we select you for this position over the other qualified candidates?

Panel can determine the candidate's ability to understand the position and how they would fit in and be able to sell themselves. This should also tell us a little about their self-confidence.

2. How has school prepared you for working at our company?

At school, I have to meet daily deadlines, set goals for myself in a variety of subjects and activities, and accomplish them. I believe these experiences will translate to the workplace and will prepare me to excel at your company. At school, I also work with my peers and teachers everyday so I know how to work in teams and with a manager.

3. What are your strongest professional skills?

The panel should be able to determine if you have the skills needed for the position. Position requires exceptional organization, planning, verbal and written communication skills, managing multiple projects, attention to detail, follow-through.

4. What one word best describes you?

Skills or attributes that may provide some additional information about you that was not addressed in the interview process that applicant will have the opportunity to reveal about him/her self as it relates to the position applied. Also provides an idea of how the candidate views themselves.

5. What was a time you had a difficult teacher to work with and how you handled it?

Does the candidate have an understanding of how to overcome a difficult situation and still put forth their best effort?

6. Tell us about a class or two you excelled in at school?

You need to show discipline, organization and follow-through skills, along with the desire to excel.

7. How you would act if co-worker was "acting out" and wanted to include you in their antics?

You must be able to show they understand the behavior necessary for a work environment and perhaps how it differs from being in school. They also need to know how to avoid trouble and not join in without someone else that is being unprofessional.

8. Why do you think you are the best candidate for this job?

I think I am the better candidate for this job because I am responsible, reliable and a hard worker.

9. Describe your schooling, skills or other training that has prepared you for this position?

Candidate needs to be able to show how they are ready for this position; hopefully they can draw on their classes, computer skills and other positions, including volunteering.

10. Tell me about how you would handle a difficult customer?

I would politely listen to their complaint without interrupting them, and then try to help them solve the problem.

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