1. Explain join management style?

The manager invites employees to join him or her in making the decision. The manager considers his or her voice equal to the employees in the decision making process. You are sitting together around the same table and every voice is key in the decision.

2. Explain management style model?

An effective manager has a variety of styles that he or she can use depending on the situation. They all involve the degree to which a manager decides to involve employees in decision making. Management styles also reflect the relationship the manager has with employees. A management style model will help you see the difference between the available management approaches.

3. Described limits with right development?

There are no limits with the right development. Every business professional and every business are dealing with lightning-fast change and long-term uncertainty. Only the strongest will survive. Make sure you are prepared for the challenges ahead. Having robust skills in multiple areas opens up a whole new world of possibilities for success. You will adapt more easily, deal with shortcomings, collaborate more successfully and become far more valuable to your organization.

4. List benefits in management skill programme?

✫ Build and manage a cohesive high-performing team in an international environment
✫ Establish fair processes for people management
✫ Build trust, respect and accountability
✫ Conduct performance reviews confidently and effectively
✫ Coach, give and receive feedback professionally
✫ Manage performance, motivation and reward
✫ Manage development, promotions and mobility

5. How you can lead international teams?

Manage complex communication, build collaborative trust and focus people on the results.

6. Described time and stress management?

Discover methods and tools that help you better manage your priorities and time.

7. Described developing leadership?

Create clarity, build trust and optimize individual and team performance.

8. How to managing and leading people in international environment?

Gain the tools to manage your people - despite differences in culture, working styles and business experience.

9. How to create motivational climate?

✫ Define motivation and your role in creating a motivational setting
✫ The cost of demotivation and disengagement
✫ Recognize important elements of the motivational process
✫ Create your own practice for building a motivational climate

10. Described about your delegation for growth and development?

✫ Understand the different types of delegation
✫ Know the benefits and challenges of delegation
✫ Recognize your comfort with delegation
✫ How to conduct an effective delegation conversation
✫ Practice your delegation skills

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