2. I have completed my MCS, but i was working in a private bank non IT field. Now I want to switch over to IT field. Please advice me what I should do now?

What are the programming languages you are good in. What kind of job you do in the bank?

Answer these two questions, then we can suggest you how you can change your career to IT.

3. I sm working in Asp.net, C#, Ado.net for past 6 months.Should i change to Data-ware Housing as career shift?

It is good that you have already started your career with ASP.NET, C# and ADO.NETWith Six months, it is time to consolidate all your learnings and sharpen your skillset, Spend some more time in ASP field so as to gain credible level of competency. At the same time you are read books on Data Warehousing. Bottom line is Whatever you learn should help you in career growth, RegardsJimmy

4. I have already done course in mainframe, am in a confusion to change my career to another technology or not?

Just keep refreshing with mainframe concepts and untill you get a job in mainframe, try to learn any of the leading teachnology - .Net, Java or any, Keep trying you will get a job.

5. I am MBA finance. I completed it in 2003. I have experience in accounts 2 years, but now i am planning to do SAP BW. Is it helpful to me or not?

why should you go for SAP BW, You will go for SAP Finance or Oracle finance.i am sure you will be getting good feature.

6. I am pursuing a certification course in finance. Is there any software courses for finance module. So that i get a job in a software industry?

You can get into SAP Finance side. This is currently having a very good market and there are wide openings for this. Take up a course in this and get into this area.All the Best.

7. I am interested in working as a DWH developer. I have many years of experience in QA. Do you suggest any path for me to get into this field?

DWH is good choice.but u can stay back in QA-Automation since it is grooming well especially QTP.

8. I am B.E. Elect and have 7 yrs exp in PLC , CNC field. I want to switch over to software. please suggest me suitable course or any other means?

Personally I don't see any reason for you to change the field to software.. since you have 7 years in exp in electronics field.. why don't you try in intel, siemens.... in electronics field itself. Even my brother is BE Electronics.. he is very happy with elextronics field.

9. Tell me I am a mechanical engineer i wanna shift to software field by doing a training course in sap. Please advise me regarding this?

I think Both Mech Filed and IT are totally different.. You cant acehive in IT Feild only by undergo training course..Without hardwork and deep concentration its not possible to acheive something in IT .. Before you goahead into IT Be confident and understand the things in IT.. Then you can win ...........

10. Tell me who will have a better future in software development whether cs branch students or non it branches?

Believe IT, There are openings even for PhD., It is not CS Branch or Non IT Branch, What matters is how you put use your specialization as applied to Technology.

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