1. What is the job of child care providers?

Training and licensing requirements for child care providers vary between states and are often dependent on the number and ages of the children for whom care is provided. Generally, no training or license is required for providers who keep one or two children.
Facilities that provide child care in the evening or nighttime hours often charge more since night care is harder to find than day care. Since child care is a tax deductible expense, providers must report their income to the IRS or risk tax penalties. Income depends on geographical area and services offered by the provider.

2. What is the job and salary of romance novelist or online eBook publisher?

It can be difficult for writers to get their work published, but romance novels are easier to sell than other types of books. The plot lines are formulaic, and if you can write about steamy sexual encounters (without getting too graphic) this may be the perfect way to start a career writing fiction. Publishers of romance novels, like Harlequin and Silhouette, usually pay an advance against royalties of up to $5,000 if you work is accepted. Since these companies publish dozens of novels each month you can earn a nice, steady income.

3. What is the job and salary of test subject lab rat?

If you like to live on the edge, this job may be for you. Test subjects are also known as lab rats and their job is to act as guinea pigs for drugs and other products that have not yet been approved for use by humans. The drugs can have serious side effects and can adversely affect health and longevity. However it pays well, about $3000 per month and there is almost no work involved. It may not have the thrill of sky diving, but risk takers could find this job appealing.

4. What is the job of crime scene cleaning specialist or hazmat technician?

These jobs are similar and both require training. While crime scene cleaners deal with potentially hazardous biological materials like blood, urine and feces, hazmat technicians clean up and dispose of hazardous, sometimes explosive, chemicals and materials like asbestos. Workers are required to wear special protective clothing and job sites may be inspected by government agencies. While hazmat technicians are in demand everywhere, crime scene cleaners usually find more employment opportunities in urban areas.

5. What is the job of housekeeper/companion and how are they paid?

Many elderly people do not require medical or personal care assistance but need help with household chores, shopping and transportation. Eldercare companions may read to their clients, play games or assemble puzzles, or simply provide companionship and conversation. No special training is required for housekeeper/companion jobs. In some cases companions may liaise with family members and discuss ways to make the client's life easier or more comfortable. Pay for these jobs are usually around $10.00 per hour.

6. What is an independent sales representative?

Companies contract with independent sales representatives to distribute their products. There are usually no educational or training requirements and start-up costs are fairly low. Jobs are available with companies that sell everything from environmentally friendly cleaning products to lingerie and sexual aids. The contractor must buy supplies like samples and catalogs, but no inventory is needed.

7. What is the job and salary of food service professionals?

Short order cooks, dishwashers and professional servers are always in demand. While these jobs do not pay as well as some others, most employers are willing to adjust work schedules to fit the employee's needs. This is the reason many aspiring actors and actresses choose to work in restaurants.

8. What is the job and salary of plumbers?

Training and licensing is required for plumbers in most states. While the job has a few downsides, like unclogging toilets and sewer lines, the upside is the pay. The average journeyman plumber makes about $50,000 per year and master plumbers can make more than twice that amount.

9. How much a gastroenterology can earn?

Gastroenterologist can earn as much as $275,000 per year for work such as a colonoscopy or invasive prostate exam. Though the job can become repetitive performing the same procedure and routine every day, especially one that most people despise and dread, a career as a gastroenterology focusing on the digestive system can be worth it for an individual searching for an easy job that pays very well.

10. What is the job of a secret shopper?

Although legitimate mystery shopper jobs can be difficult to find, people who love to shop and eat at restaurants will adore this job. Mystery or secret shoppers are assigned to stores and restaurants to report on their consumer experience. Some employers provide you cash to spend and allow shoppers to keep the merchandise. Some shoppers must return the merchandise, but get paid a fee for each job. Emails offering secret shopper jobs are mostly scams so check through sources like employment agencies and department store HR departments for the real deal.

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