1. Please let me know about Datastage TX (Mercator) and what are EDI mappings.
Id appreciate if u can give me a clear view or direct me to a link where i can find the info?

Datastage TX(Mercator) is now owned by IBM, and has been incorporated into the Webshpere Suite:

Though the info there is very generic,

I don't know of a 'clear view' on your question, but basically the Mercator product (as it was known) creates binaries that, in conjunction with an execution engine (somewhat like java byte codes and JVM) that are called Maps. When we say 'Mapping' we mean to define relationships between input and output objects, and in conjunction with additional commands (rules) build one or many outputs , from one or many inputs - each of which can be flat files, databases, message queues etc.
So Mapping is basically to defined the rules , to transform from A to B, and create a 'Map' which can then be executed to actually do the job.
EDI (as you probably know) as well as being a generic term for electronic data interchange , there are also specific EDI standards. From Memory there were ones called (I think) Tradacoms and Tradanet as well as others.
What Mercator also supplies are data structures(these are known as Type Trees) that adhere to these standards, so if you need to send data through these networks the input/output to them is already defined, your job would be to map (match the fields) from your system to the appropriate ones in the EDI structures.

There are also similar type trees for Banking Standards (SWIFT For example) , and has importers to define the same for XML schemas and SAP Idocs

4. I have completed BCA and now I am pursuing B level course of DOEACC. so I would like to know what can I do after this course

To help you, kindly specify me exactly what you want to do further. Do you want to continue your higher education or do you want to take up a job. If you put this I would give my suggestion appropriately as per your needs.

5. I want to apply my knowledge of this field in aerospace engineering.Are there some job possibilities joining these fields & where?

You have quite few options for applying your information technology knowledge in aerospace engineering. But for this first you must get a degree in basic level at least in aerospace. After finishing this you can try out this option. It is a rare but interesting combination of job. All the Best.

6. I realy want to ask if i eligible for tcs. i have completed my b.e.it 2006. my total aggregate is 58%. and 7&8th sem aggregate is 64%. (they have asked an aggregate of 60% in the graduation but i think it would be including all sem marks) i had applied for tcs with the graduation aggregate i.e. 64%. i have cleared my apti now have interview remaining. Will i be allowed. will they check my aggregate at the interview

Well , basically they look for an aggregate of 60% without backlogs .. You have mentioned that you have cleared the aptitude.. Thats gud.. Prepare for the Tech and Managerial rounds .. if you can crack in the leftout rounds .. i think they will consider you.. But for now , i would suggest go ahead with the interviews.. later on every thing will be ok..

7. I have done MSc physics. day after tomorrow i am going to attend infosys. if they ask why you are shifting from physics field to computer field. then what can i reply

You can specify your interest in computer field and also validate the facts with evidences like any degree or certificate passed in computers, or any competitions attended related to computers and so on which would help them know your interest in computer field. All the Best.

8. Which of the following API is used to hide a window

a) ShowWindow
b) EnableWindow
c) MoveWindow
d) SetWindowPlacement
e) None of the above

The answer for this question is
e) None of the above
One of the ways for doing this is by using setBounds

9. I am new to Informatica. Can some one please tell me what are the job prospects in Informatica in future. Apart from the tool, what else should I Know?

The job prospects for Informatica consultant is excellent.To grow more in this related area in-depth knowledge of Informatica and datawarehousing technologies is essential and any knowledge of Ab Initio, Datastage, Datajunction, Oracle Warehouse Builder or SQL Loader would be useful.

10. Questions related to ORACLE - CRM:

These are the questions asked in Infosys Interview on Oracle CRM Functional
1.Give a brief about yourself

2.What are the modules you are exposed to

3.Tell me the typical business flow of service contracts

4.Typical business flow of field service from customer perspective

5.How is service contract is integrated with field service

6.what is the architecture of mobile field service

7.how to send sms messages in crm foundation

8.what are the ERP modules you are exposed to, what AR transaction types

9.What are the components of workflow

10.what are service transaction types

11.major difference between key flexfield, descriptive flexfield

12.what are the components of crm foundation, give the functionality of each component

13. what is the difference between segment and context

14.what is account centric and site centric instances

15.can i create a service contract for a install base item

16.how to select profile options which is not selected at user level

17.what is the difference between drop the table and truncate the table

18.what is the difference between my sql, psql

19.questions about your previous organizations, reasons for leaving

20.what is trading community architecture, what are the various responsibilities associated with this module

21.what are the process flows of sales online,explain in depth

22.what is full life cylcle implementation explain the 11 stages of full life cycle implementation indepth

23.How can you auto generate a service contract when service request is created

24. what are the major differences functionality wise between isupport and support modules.

25.explain the typical business flow of depot repair module

26.What is Conference Room Pilot.

27. What is Istore module explain the functionality in detail.

28.How many instances can be created in lli, what is the standard number of instances available as default.

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