1. Define self-confidence?

An attitude, which allows individuals to have positive yet realistic views of themselves and their situations. A candidate who trusts her own abilities, has a general sense of control in her life, and believes that, within reason, she will be able to do what she wishes, plans, and expects.

2. How confident are you?

Applicant should answer the question instantly and forcefully while maintaining full eye contact. Also pay close attention to body language: Is the applicant's body language congruent with his answer.

3. Would friends describe you as confident person?

Watch the applicant's body language and non-verbal responses, especially eye movement. Does he/she sound and look convincing when answering this question.

4. Described a situation where you were aware of a serious mistake made by a colleague and what did you do about it?

You basically want to hear that they do not like to point fingers at others; that they try to stop the mistake from happening again by making his/her colleague aware of their error in a non blame educational manner.

5. Tell me about a time when you had a disagreement with a colleague at work. How did you manage to work it out?

Job seeker should appear to know how to resolve issues and uses it as an opportunity to reinforce interpersonal relationships; concentrates on the issues and never personalizes things.

6. How you manage to work with people whom you are not comfortable with? What you do in such situations?

Job seeker should explain that they put the team first; should not appear easily intimidated; seeks to resolve differences; does not personalize conflicts.

7. Described a time when you helped to successfully mediate in a conflict? How did you feel?

Candidate should show that they are helpful in resolving conflicts by understanding each co-workers view of the situation.

8. Described a situation when you were given job instructions and you were unable to comprehend instructions. How did you go about completing the task?

Job seeker should explain that seeking clarification is alright; that they try to clarify things to make sure the job is done right; should see conflict as natural and not a personal attack.

9. Can you please explain the difference between confidence and arrogance?

Applicant should know that confidence is an essential life-affirming character trait, while arrogance is a poor, frightened, and inadequate self-image parading as confidence.

10. Tell me about situation or situations that might demonstrate your confidence to do this job?

Does the job seeker appear to be able to deal with all the diverse situations he/she will meet in your organization? Do they appear to be able to handle issues in a calm and confident manner.

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