1. Be wary of under-funded CSR programs?

Another factor to watch out for in your job search is under-funded programs. As mentioned above, many corporate responsibility departments are small - often just a leader and one or two people. puzzleThese roles will require you to cover a wide swath of the issues and responsibilities outlined in my book. To the extent feasible, and in the interest of your own self-preservation, you should seek clarity on the scope, responsibilities, and objectives in these roles.

Now that you've narrowed down your search, here are a few tips that will help you in the selection process:

2. What is corporate responsibility?

The core element of corporate responsibility concerns business activity itself -- the function of business in society is to yield adequate returns to owners of capital by identifying and developing promising investment opportunities and, in the process, to provide jobs and to produce goods and services that consumers want to buy. Economic history attests to the power of business sectors operating in effective environments of private and public governance to raise general welfare and living standards.

3. If you saw a coworker doing something dishonest, what would you do?

According to the employee handbook, contract, or past practice, inform the most relevant authority(ies) about specific behaviors witnessed.

Follow handbook, contract, or past practice concerning handling the potential dishonest behavior.

Don't immediately assume that the coworker is guilty of dishonest behavior. Use appropriate compliance hotlines if available.

Contact human resources for compliance help.

Don't spread the potential dishonest activity news to employees or others who do not have responsibility over the matter.

4. In what business situations do you feel honesty is inappropriate?

In the Movie "Liar, Liar," the actor Carey portrayed a lawyer who shared his honest feelings to all around him. Sharing honest feelings, especially ones of anger, frustration, and hate, may be inappropriate and also based on inadequate information about another person or situation.

6. Suppose if you were new to a company that did not have an ethics or compliance program, where would you start for information?

Type "Ethics Programs" or "Compliance Programs" on a search engine.

Find existing ethics compliance programs published through the Bureau of National Affairs, Commerce Clearing House, etc.

Check your local library for ethics books and texts.

Check the Journal of Business Ethics.

7. A Company provided beeper includes several different tones, including the song, "Dixie," and an employee is offended by the fact that a beeper holder chose this option. What would you do?

Follow handbook, contract, or past practice concerning handling potentially offensive behavior.

Don't immediately assume that the employee is guilty of offensive behavior.

Contact human resources for policy help and interpretation.

10. How to deal with employee handbook policies that have contradictory values?

If the handbook is inadequate, there are several other ways to deal with contradictions such as

1. Consider past practice.

2. Consider joint recollection of what the parties intended to mean when the handbook was written.

3. Consider letters of understanding that help explain the handbook policies.

4. Consider what other arbitrators, companies, or court cases have done in that, or similar, situations.

5. Consider costs (financial, social, ethical, etc.) of doing things in different ways.

Consult with management and human resource management concerning potential contradictory policies.

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