1. How to interact with people?

Describe your style. Put your best foot forward - if applicable, use words such as friendly, enthusiastic, informed, quick, patient, and lucid.
These are just some of the commonly asked interview questions for customer service representatives.

2. How successful are you over the phone?

Mention profitable product sales, positive/fruitful customer instruction, customer care with patience and any communication which leads to improved customer service or a sale.

3. Do you have strong communication skills?

You can relate success stories and any interesting interactions you had with clients, especially if it portrays good customer service skills. Explain how you have solved problems and created positive relationships with customers.

4. Can you work in a computerized environment?

Describe your ability to work with Microsoft Office or other relevant programs, and any computer experience, such as placing orders in the company computer or saving digital records of services and closed deals.

5. What sales experience do you have?

The ability to negotiate and sell products may be an important part of the job. If so, mention any experience with selling, telemarketing and promotions.

6. Explain a routine day of a typical customer service representative?

List whatever tasks you perform each day. Some of these may be among them: Answering requests, responding to calls, maintaining and updating records, providing service information, dealing with misapplied payments and billing.

7. What type of products have you sold?
Do you have a proven record of accomplishment in sales?
How do you find prospective clients?
Have you ever used a consulting firm to find clients or buyers?

The employer would like to know - what is your former sales experience?
What industries or institutions have you worked for in the past? What is your technical experience? What type of products have you sold? Do you meet your customers? How often?
It is good practice to supply any existing documentation not otherwise supplied with your resume. Any forms, newsletters, presentations, online marketing material, graphs or infomercials you have created, or any letters from satisfied clients will be well received.

8. How do you meet your quotas? What creative ways have you used to meet quotas and deadlines?
Do you often meet your quotas? What is your average percentage of quotas met?
How do you feel when not making a sale or meeting a quota?
What do you do to restore your confidence?

It is best to prepare answers you can easily and briefly relate.
Detail your capability to handle a tough situation. Your confidence in problem solving should be narrated as well, with a suitable anecdote portray yourself in a positive light, without arrogance.
Give details of a sales related challenge, explain why you proceeded as you did, and end with the successful result.

9. Do you have a sales plan template? How did you go about creating it? Does your template include a forecast for 30/60/90 days? And five years?
Do you have prospective buyers? To whom do you plan to sell our product?
How do you plan to follow up on your sales?
If you meet your quotas for your forecast plan, what is next?
What is your backup plan, if you do not meet your quotas?

It is most impressive to have a solid forecast on paper.
Just speculating in regards to any of these questions is not advised. The sounder your presentation is, the more confident your prospective employer will be in giving you this opportunity. Review your presentation with colleagues who will critique and improve your rendition.

10. What attracts you to a career in sales?
What motivates you regarding sales and marketing?
Why do you want this job?
What makes a good sales person?
Please state your likes and dislikes, in reference to sales?

You want to reply with the utmost confidence and integrity. Eagerness and motivation are good qualities to display, with replies such as:
"I love a good challenge and each prospective buyer creates a challenge in their unique way.
I like to be able to offer a quality product I can believe in and can truly serve the client."

"Your product is unique and offers good value."

"I take pleasure in offering a client goods or services that can truly enrich his life or grow his business."

Sandwich dislikes, if any, in between positive aspects of the job. Replying, "I have no specific dislikes" is fine.

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