1. Tell us why do you think you are perfect for this position?

First understand the role ,then highlight how your skills, experience and personal quality match this. Show them not only that you are qualified for the job but also confident to make the different by taking the challenges that the job offers. You can take this question as an opportunity to talk again about your qualifications, credentials and psychological strengths that can benefit this position. For example:

☛ I think i do well in this job because my education and knowledge gained from my college life is suitable to this job and will be beneficial for the hotel too.
☛ I think that I'm meeting (or almost meeting) all the required qualifications, skills for this job.

2. Explain me how can you handle stress?

This service desk interview question is very common and will be asked to you while attending a front desk interview. Always remember that people have to deal with stress at some point of their lives. You should speak about how you are able to work under pressure and not allow the pressure to control you. While answering this question, you could say that you never allows stress to take away your motivation and that you can balance yourself because of your healthy, fit and active lifestyle. You can also speak about how positive you like to stay and that it helps you give better and positive reactions.

3. Tell us how long will you work here if you have been hired?

When you answer this interview question for receptionist, make sure to come across as positive as you can. You must let the interviewer know how glad you are to be sitting in front of them and that you are thankful for this opportunity. You should begin your answer by saying that working for them will be a very good and attractive opportunity for you as it help you gain both knowledge and experience in the front desk world. You could say that, would like to pursue your career as long as you can, that you like meeting new challenges and that this hotel is everything you have been looking for so leaving is clearly out of question for you. Try to gain their confidence through this.

4. Tell me why do you want to work in our hotel?

Impress the interviewer by expressing your interest in hotel profile and by demonstrating your enthusiasm to work for the hotel. You may say that you trust this hotel to be the best place to utilize your experience and skills for the benefit of the hotel. Mention the aspects that what you liked most about the hotel.
For example you may also say that :

You are one of the leading hotel and I want to work with the best. It will help you to utilize your skills, knowledge in an effective and efficient manner.

5. Tell us about your weaknesses as Front Desk Representative?

For your weaknesses, be honest about them but be sure to emphasise that you learned something from them (and try to explain how you learned from them or how they made you a better person).If you have a readily apparent weakness, discuss how you've addressed it and why it won't be an issue in the job. Here you can discuss non-essential skills also. For example you say like:

☛ Being organized wasn't my strongest point, but I implemented a time management system that really helped my organization skills.
☛ I care too much about my work.
☛ I am too much of a perfectionist.

6. Tell me what is the best thing you like about your job?

When you bring smile on tense face of your customer by helping them and by solving their problems, it is the best thing that I enjoy during job. So, customer satisfaction is the best thing that I like most in my job.

7. Tell me how you deal with a customer who is on the phone and refuses to calm down?

Such situation is very common in a helpdesk job. This question is again put in-front of you to check your ability how you face the stressful situation.

8. So you want to become a receptionist! Tell us something about you?

When you want to work as a receptionist or be a part of the front office staff, you have to have some knowledge on how to answer a few basic questions before the difficult ones come along. One of the most common front desk job interview questions, that most receptionists ask is what you can tell them about yourself. While answering such questions you should discuss your previous employment experiences. The question is a good opportunity for you to focus on your professional goals, speak about your skills,2 achievements and strengths and provide a good summary of your professional self. You don't have to discuss about your personal life here.

9. Explain me how would you organise your schedule?

In this interviewer is expecting that how you would be organised and efficiently handle changes in your schedule. In you answer you may include that how you manage your daily workload with some examples from previous employment experiences where your organizing abilities have shone through. Add some following points to make your answer more effective i.e. you would manage databases and create reports, manage information by telephone, fax and email messages, guest arrangements and Organize paper work and maintain electronic files such as presentations and spreadsheets.

10. Explain me one thing that you don't like about your job?

Give your answer in brief and avoid telling something that related to customer service. If you want to say something that you don't like than you can mention that long queue of customers waiting for their turn is something you don't like.

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