1. Where do you see yourself in 5 years as Support Agent?

In 5 years I hope to have earned my MBA. I hope to see myself working my way to the top of a successful company, and volunteering with youth sports organizations in my off time.

2. Tell us what do you enjoy about customer service?

I enjoy customer service because customers are everywhere. They come from all walks of life, and they are everyday people. I love meeting them, and I enjoy the process of trying to help make their lives as easy as possible. I love to help people. I also enjoy the challenge of providing solutions to difficult situations, and helping the customer and the business leave with a win-win.

3. Tell me how would you tackle X client complaint?

A great resume doesn't always equal a great representative. Your company has an image it's trying to project. Look for job seekers whose answers to this question resemble your ideal response. You're also getting a good look at the job seeker's analytical skills. Do they come up with a good reply? How long does it take them? Speed is crucial in customer service, particularly if you're in ecommerce.

4. Explain me how do you measure your success as a customer service rep?

Good candidates should put the experience of the customer first, but they should also be conscious of things like response time, tickets closed, and other metrics that translate to cost savings for your customer service department.

5. Tell us what skills could you bring to our live chat team?

Well, I'm an excellent communicator. I'm a compassionate person. I'm dedicated, hard working, and a perfectionist. When I'm solving a customer's problem, I do everything I can to help them. I know how it feels to be a customer, and I know the experiences they are looking for. I know that I can give that to them.

6. Tell us how would you deal with an angry customer?​

A candidate who mentions listening carefully, empathizing, and following company policy is a good pick. Red flags that indicate an interviewee is a bad choice include being rude and not having any previous experience dealing with difficult customers. An inexperienced candidate may make a good pick if their other answers are strong, however.

7. Can you explain what was your proudest moment helping a customer?

My proudest moment helping a customer was one time when a customer arrived at our store extremely upset because nobody had been able to give her the information she was looking for. She was trying to find a specific soccer ball, and a different rep had sold her something completely wrong. I was able to find the product that she was looking for, and gave her a free coupon discount to compensate for her troubles. She wrote me the nicest review I have ever read… it was a really fulfilling moment.

8. Can you explain me what do you do when you don't know the answer to a question?

The key here is honesty. Especially if you have a complex product or service, it's much better for a customer service rep to say “I don't know, but let me find out,” than to provide potentially inaccurate information.

9. Tell me about your long-term career goals. Do you plan to remain in customer service?

The customer service industry is my goal for at least the next five years. I am trying to gain as much experience as I can as I pursue a career in public relations. I hope to be able to hold this position for at least the next several years, and I also plan to pursue a leadership position. I really hope that I can tackle this position head on and gain some valuable experience in communication.

10. Tell us in your opinion, what makes for great customer service?

Great customer service means listening to your customers. It means empathizing with them and their experiences, and working hard to find the best solution to your customers' problems. It means knowing how to de-escalate a situation with an angry customer, and using problem solving skills to make sure that everyone walks away from the interaction satisfied.

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