What is SDLC? What are the various SDLC models? Explain them?

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What is SDLC
A software cycle deals with various parts and phases from planning to testing and deploying. All these activities are carried out in different ways, as per the needs. Each way is known as a Software Development Lifecycle Model (SDLC).
Some SDLC models
* The Linear model (Waterfall)
- Separate and distinct phases of specification and development
- All activities in linear fashion
- Next phase starts only when first one is complete
* Evolutionary development
- Specification and development are interleaved (Spiral,incremental,prototype based,Rapid Application development)
- Incremental Model (Waterfall in iteration)
- RAD(Rapid Application Development) - Focus is on developing quality product in less time
- Spiral Model - We start from smaller module and keeps on building it like a spiral. It is also called Component based development.
* Formal systems development
- A mathematical system model is formally transformed to an implementation
* Agile Methods
- Inducing flexibility into development
* Reuse-based development
- The system is assembled from existing components
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