1. Tell us what was the work environment like as Auto Body Worker?

The work environment was really friendly. It was very open. I could talk to my bosses about anything. It's pretty easy going. They teach you how to do it, and it's really learning by doing.

2. Why should we hire you as Auto Body Worker?

I work hard, I am an excellent problem solver, I am a happy person, even though I am learning, I have a huge will to learn, and I'm easy to be around and easy going. I will be at the very top of the list of the hardest workers in the shop.

3. Tell us what does teamwork mean to you?

In this line of work, no one can work alone. Teamwork is of great importance. Body repair technicians, body painters and engine technicians all have to work together to complete a restoration project.

4. Tell me do you charge for estimates?

No. We provide free estimates as a courtesy to our customers.

5. Explain me how do you feel about challenges?

My creative juices get flowing at the sight of a challenge. I welcome them with an open mind. In fact, if there isn't a challenge involved, the work does get a tad boring and mundane.

6. Explain me what kind of supervisor gets the best work performance from you?

I work very well under pressure, however I appreciate being treated well. If I am treated well, I will guarantee I will work harder than any other technician in a shop.

7. Can you explain me your job title and primary duties?

My job title was a parts sales representative and cashier with ABC. Basically, that meant I would sell products, I would stock and face the store, which was making sure everything was organized in the store, unload trucks, and I would help customers with small tasks like batteries and windshield wipers.

8. Tell me what do you do when your time schedule or project plan is upset by unforeseen circumstances?

Explain to my supervisor if there was extra parts that were bad, or something giving me a hard time. And since I work hard and smart, hope that he/she understands I've worked as hard as I'm capable of and ran into issues that were out of my hands.

9. Tell us what should we do after an accident?

Here are some tips for dealing with the aftermath of an accident.

☛ Do not drive your car if it is unsafe. If you can safely drive your vehicle, bring it to us as soon as possible.
☛ If you cannot operate your car, truck or SUV, call us and we can tow your vehicle.
☛ Remember that you have the right to go to the repair shop of your choice. Your insurance company or the other drivers insurance cannot require you to go to a particular repair shop.
☛ Differences in repair estimates are common. It is your vehicle, you deserve the highest quality repairs. Read the fine print and consider carefully before you accept the lowest repair estimate.