1. Explain me what is new with Visual WebPart in SharePoint 2013?

A new Visual WebPart Template has been added to Visual Studio 2012 for Creating Visual Webparts for SharePoint 2013. In this new Template both the User Control and WebPart Classes are merged to Create one template unlike SharePoint 2010 where you had a separate ascx and webpart file. Also, now you can Create both Sandbox and Farm solutions using Visual WebPart Template.

2. Tell me what is MOSS?

Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) is the full version of a portal-based platform for collaboratively creating, managing and sharing documents and Web services.
In MOSS additional feature add that can not in WSS 3.0.

3. Tell us what is the new SPSecurityEventReceiver?

In SharePoint 2013, MS has added “SPSecurityEventReceiver” class to handle events for SharePoint Groups, Users, Roles and Permission Inheritance.

4. Tell us what is new with Social Capabilities in SharePoint 2013?

In SharePoint 2013 Microsoft has Introduced new Social Capabilities to let users Collaborate Socially in the Company. My Sites have been enhanced Incredibly to Integrate these Social features. Some of the new Features added are Community Sites, Microblogging, NewsfeedSite feed, Follow people and Follow Sites.

5. Please explain what is SuiteBarBrandingDelegate delegate Control used for?

SuiteBarBrandingDelegate Delegate Control is responsible for displaying ‘SharePoint' or ‘Office 365' text on top left of the new SharePoint 2013 site (in the blue bar). This text can only be replaced by Overriding SuiteBarBrandingDelegate Delegate Control with a custom Custom Control Created using Visual Studio.

6. Tell us what are Callout Popups in SharePoint 2013?

Similar to Dialog framework in SharePoint 2010, Microsoft has added a new Callout Popup framework to Create Hover Popups that you know as Preview Windows as well. These NotificationTooltipHelp (whatever you call it..) Callout Popups can be fully Customized to add Custom Text & Actions for guiding End-users.

7. Do you know what kind of Apps Can Developed?

The Code for an app runs in different places, depending on where your app is hosted.They never run in the context of SharePoint Server, but they will run in the context of the browser or in the context of the hosted platform.You Can Develop three kind of Apps –

SharePoint-hosted apps
Provider-hosted and autohosted apps – In the cloud
Apps that have a mix of Components in SharePoint and in the cloud

8. Explain me what is Embed Code and How do you get Embed Code for a document?

SharePoint 2013 provides a support to get “Embed Information” for documents and other digital Content types such as Videos,Audios etc. to be added on any SharePoint Page or in a Microblogging feed.

9. Tell me what is the difference between Sandbox solution & farm solution?

We can create sandbox solution for particular site but not for the entire site collection or farm. It is not applicable for farm solution. There are some restriction while creating the sandbox solution.

10. Do you know what are the new “Digital Content types”?

In SharePoint 2013 Microsoft has introduced a new set of content types called “Digital Asset Content Types” for better use of Audio, Video and Images as Web Content.These content types can be added to any library and can be used as a one of the items files.

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