1. What is hoistway?

The hoistway is the enclosed space in which the elevator travels.

2. What is jack?

The Jack utilizes hydraulic power to lift or lower the passenger car.

3. What is pit?

The pit provides clearance for the support components that are below the floor of the elevator car allowing the elevator floor to level with the lowest landing floor.

4. What is rail?

The rail is the steel track that guides the elevator when it travels up and down the hoistway. Depending on the model there may be one or two rails.

5. What is hoistway Doors?

The hoistway door allows access to the hoistway and is prevented from opening unless the elevator is stopped and waiting at that particular landing.

6. What is machine Room?

The machine room is a small adjacent room that houses the drive system and electrical controls.

7. What is call Button?

Pressing the call button in the hallway will call the elevator to your level.

8. What is landing?

A term used to describe each floor on which the elevator will open.

9. What is machine Room-less?

Used when located on top of the rail in the hoistway and the Control box is located nearby but does not require a separate room.

10. What is drive System?

The drive system is the power and strength behind lifting the elevator car and its passenger(s)

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