1. Please explain what is product report?

A product report is a general term used to represent design, manufacturing, quality, sales and repair information about a product.

2. Explain me what is batch production?

Batch production is a manufacturing technique, where components or goods are produced in groups and not in a continuous stream. This methodology is mainly used when similar items are produced together.

3. Tell me what is the difference between Specification, Codes, and Standards?

Specification is describing properties of any type of materials.
Code is procedure of acceptance and rejection criteria.
Standard is accepted values and compare other with it.

4. Do you know what is RMA?

RMA stands for Return Material Authorization; it is a financial and work order tracking used to determine a returned item's origination. It is often used in a transaction where a customer returns goods to the manufacturer for replacement or repair purpose.

5. Do you know the term BOM?

BOM stands for Bill Of Materials; it is a list of item or parts that makeup a product assembly. For example, a lawn mower requires a handle assembly, metal deck assembly, a control assembly, motor and blade assembly.

6. Take your seat. Why are you sweating? Are you nervous?

No sir. Actually... little bit. This is my first interview for a core company.(They smiled at me).

7. Explain me what are the softwares which can be useful in manufacturing unit?

In manufacturing unit, software that can be useful are Manufacturing ERP and Material Management. Some of the companies that provide the manufacturing software solution are SAP, Oracle ERP system, etc.

8. Tell us what is QMS?

QMS stands for Quality Management System; it documents all necessary information about company's design and operational controls, including issue reporting, monitoring, continuous improvement and training, to make sure that company delivers continuous product.

10. Tell me what are your aspirations behind this production job?

Don't fall into the trap of specifying job titles. Stick to natural progression. If you don't seem too interested in what lies beyond this job, the interviewer will fear that you wont stick around for long.

A sample answer could be that you are aware that there are several skills required for the job that you need to develop on, but you believe that your own motivation for self improvements, will be developed by the time an opportunity arises. That is why you are determined to learn.

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