1. Tell me what is bitmap?

A method of storing digital information by mapping out an image bit by bit. The density of the pixels determines how sharp the image resolution will be. Most image files are bitmapped. Bitmap images are compatible with all types of computers.

2. What is AF Servo?

Also known as Continuous Focus, AF Servo is maintained by partially pressing the camera's shutter release button, which enables you to maintain focus continuously on a moving subject as the subject moves within the frame. Shutter-response times are usually faster in AF Servo, since the subject is already in focus.

3. What is anti-Shake (Image Stabilization)?

Also known as Image Stabilization (IS), Vibration Reduction (VR), or simply image stabilization, anti-shake technology is a method of reducing the effects of camera movement on the photographic image. Image stabilization can be achieved in the lens or in the camera body. In-camera image stabilization is achieved by mounting the camera sensor on a “floating” micro-geared stage that rapidly shifts the sensor in the opposite direction of the camera's movement, which effectively cancels out the image movement. With in-camera image stabilization, the benefits of the system can be realized with any attached lens.

4. What is average Metering?

Average metering takes all of the light values for a given scene-highlights, shadows, and mid-tones-and averages them together to establish an overall exposure. Average metering is best used for front-lit subjects under average lighting conditions. Backlit subjects tend to be silhouetted when metered in average mode. For more on this subject

5. What is 4K UHD?

Ultra High Definition 4K is a 16:9 format that is a resolution of 3840 x 2160. It is the most common type of 4K for consumer applications and distribution.

6. What is 4K DCI?

This is 4K as is defined by the Digital Cinema Initiatives. It is a 17:9 format that is a resolution of 4096 x 2160. It is most commonly found on professional cinema cameras and gear.

7. What is barrel Distortion?

An optical distortion resulting in the image bowing out of square. Barrel distortion is usually associated with less expensive wide-angle lenses and digital cameras, and is most apparent in architectural photographs or images containing lines that run parallel to each other in the horizontal or vertical plane.

8. What is 1080p?

Also known as “Full-HD,” 1080p is a shorthand term for video recorded at 1920 lines of horizontal resolution and 1080 lines of vertical resolution, and optimized for 16:9 format playback. The “p” stands for progressive, which means all of the data is contained in each frame, as opposed to “interlaced” (i), in which the image data is split between two frames in alternating lines of image data.

9. What is blooming?

The appearance of a bright or colored halo around brighter areas of digital image files. Blooming is caused when a portion of the imaging sensor in a digital camera is exposed to too much light, causing signal “leaks” to the neighboring pixels.

10. What is AWB (Auto White Balance)?

An in-camera function that automatically adjusts the chromatic balance of the scene to a neutral setting, regardless of the color characteristics of the ambient light source. For more on this subject

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