1. Explain me what type of work do you delegate to your staff?

You want to work for a manager who delegates, so you can develop beyond your role. If a manager is not a good delegator, then he might be insecure about his role and not want you to know what they are doing. This could potentially hold you back from promotions or development.

2. Tell us may we contact your previous employer/manager?

A candidate who has good rapport with a previous employer will encourage the hiring manager to contact previous employers. If a candidate is hesitant to have their previous boss contacted, chances are there is bad blood. It's good to get an idea of why they left the previous position, from another source.

3. Tell us what does your average day look like?

I want to see how much work they are putting in and how much they hustle. I have people sometimes that say they get into the grove and work 10-12 hours a day. Those are the people I want. Those that go above and beyond. This also helps when holding people accountable in the future.

4. Tell us about a client you have worked with where you have got them great results?

There's no hiding. These days virtually everything can be measured. You do SEO? Show me the rankings you achieved or some traffic data? You increase sales or leads? Then let's see the landing pages and the conversion data. I once had a guy come in for a senior position and felt that building a bit of a rapport and skirting around the hard questions was going to get him the job. But the fact is, marketing is a numbers game and if you don't have yours ready to back you up, then it's going to be tough to land the role - needless to say the interview won't end well for either of you.

5. Tell us how many unread messages are there in your inbox?

This one gives you insight into their communication style. You'll instantly learn a bit about their personality. Organized or chaotic. High-bandwidth or low.

Keep in mind, some hustlers have overflowing inboxes and others are inbox zero. The answer itself is interesting, but how they answer is actually more important. Are they proud? Ashamed? Stressed they're missing something? Excited about their efficiency tools and tactics?

It's like asking someone if their bed is made. If their a hustler, they'll explain why it is the way it is and why it matters.

6. Tell us what strategies would you use to generate leads?

This question moves from the more general and abstract into the meat of the matter. They should be able to outline two or three specific strategies that will feed leads into your sales funnel via social engagement.

7. Tell us your biggest social media failure?

Everyone has failures, some larger than others. Of course, what you really want to know, is how they dealt with it. Gain insight into their coping skills and how they deal with negatives by listening to how the issue was resolved. Pay attention to what they did (or didn't do) to ensure that the failure wouldn't happen again.

8. Explain me about a time procrastination led to amazing results?

If the person has a manic focus on execution, they wouldn't be procrastinating in the first place. If they did get amazing results through planned procrastination, it delivers perspective on their long term hustle.

9. Tell us an example of how you work collaboratively with other departments?

Your idea of how people collaborate can be completely different than others, so this question helps you assess if the environment is compatible with the way you work best.

10. Tell me how have your actions impacted your community?

Hustlers must be aware of how their actions and goals affect the people around them.

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