1. What is denier?

Denier is how thread weight is measured. 1 denier = 1 gram per 9000 meters of thread. Typical deniers are 110D for very light weight fabric, 420D to 600D are common in shoes, 1000D for boots & bags.

2. What is ex-Works Price Purchase Term?

When you negotiate a shoe price you need be clear on where the finished shoe is to be delivered. Ex-Works means the Price does not include any shipping . The buyer would be responsible for collecting the product from the factory.

3. What is LOP or Labor Overhead and Profit?

LOP is a critical part of the shoe factories price for a shoe. The factory will add up all the material costs then add the Labor Rate , Overhead and Profit required. The LOP for a shoe can be 30% of the total cost of a shoe. Just a few dollars for a simple skate shoe up to $10 or $15 for a snowboarding boot. Some factories will add a percentage on to the material cost to account for the LOP. Other factories carefully calculate each component.

4. What is the Shoe Master Carton?

The Master Carton or Case pack for Production shoes is usually a 10 or 12 pack depending on the size of the shoe and shoe inner box. In the master carton the Inner boxes will be arrange so the warehouse worker can see shoe box end labels for size and color information.

5. What is insole?

Footbed or Insole is the foam padded mesh that your foot stands on. May be removable or may be cemented in. High end shoes will be molded EVA of PU foam – Low end shoes will be die cut EVA.

6. What is cutting interlock loss?

Interlock loss is the material lost when a big pattern part is cut. For example a classic one piece hiking boot pattern can't fit closely on the hide. The material in-between the parts is lost.

7. What is insole Board?

Insole Board A paper based board used to provide structure inside a shoe. For example, a stiff hiking boot will have a thick plastic lasting board. Also called Sockliner

8. What is nu-Buck leather?

This is the top, full grain layer of the hide, but the outer surface has been “brushed” away leaving a very soft nape suede like surface.

9. What is last?

The Shoe last is the foot form that is used to set the shape shoes. The shoe last can be made of plastic, Metal or wood.

10. What is heel Notch?

At the back or shoe shoe's top line, above the heel counter the shoe may have a dip in the center. This is the heel notch.

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