1. Explain me are you a team player?

Depending on your sales team structure, an SDR might support one sales rep in particular, or a number of reps. Ensure your candidate works well with others and takes pride in setting their colleagues up for success.

2. Tell me how important is learning for a salesperson?

Hopefully, the answer to this question will be that learning is very important. Press for examples in which learning new information has helped them close a deal. And ask how they like to stay educated on their products and industry.

3. Do you know what is auto dialer?

Telemarketing industries generally use an electronic device or a software to automatically dial phone numbers. These devices and softwares are called autodialers.

4. Do you know cold calling?

Cold calling is the process in which customers are called for business interaction who have not been expecting so.

5. Explain what separates the best SDRs from average SDRs?

More activity doesn't always translates into better results. While solid performers work hard, the best SDRs work smart.

6. Do you know account Management/Customer Success?

Client deployment and success, ongoing client management, and renewals. In today's world of “frictionless karma”, someone needs to be dedicated to making customers successful–and that is NOT the salesperson!

7. What do you understand by b2g?

B2G stands for business to government and is a derivative of B2B and is described as transaction between business and government in which a business entity supplies services or goods to a government sector or firm and can be stated as public sector marketing.

8. Tell me what keeps you motivated?

Note: the answer here shouldn't involve money, commissions, or any form of compensation. No matter what someone says, study after study has shown that the overwhelming majority of people aren't motivated by money. Hopefully your recruit will answer with “providing for family” or “earning recognition” in their field, or something else that isn't financial.

9. What do you understand by b2b?

B2B stands for business to business which describes commercial transactions between businesses such as between a web development firm and a reseller. Such transactions are big in volume and thus b2b is flourishing today the most.

10. Tell me what value can your company deliver?

Your customers may want unicorns. But unless you run a unicorn factory, that information isn't going to be very helpful.

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