1. Tell us what is your favorite subject?

When answering this question give reasons or examples for your choice. But don′t state the obvious. If you are asked why CAD is your favorite one, give more than “Because I like it” or “Because of I′m good at it.”

4. Tell me what is the config.pro file used for?

The config.pro file contains configuration options which control the behaviour of pro/engineer. This file also contains user macros which are called map keys.

6. Can you tell me what do you know about our company?

As per statistics, 47% of candidates have little or no knowledge of the company they are being interviewed with. Follow these 3 easy tips before your next job interview:

☛ 1) Look in the “about us” section and “careers” sections of the company on-line.
☛ 2) Visit the company's LinkedIn page to view information about the company.
☛ 3) Search a keyword phrase like “press releases” followed by the company name, and you'll find the most recent news stories shared by the company

At least you should include the following in your answer:

☛ 1. The type of product or service the company sells.
☛ 2. Duration for which the company has been in business.
☛ 3. What is the company's culture OR mission statement?

7. Why do you want to join our company as CAD/CAE Engineer?

Start your answer by saying that it is one of the reputed and fast growing company in the sector. It has so many branches in India as well as throughout the world. The growth rate of this company is very good in the (count of )years.

9. Tell us what is the difference between a ‘straight' and ‘smooth' blend feature?

Straight extrudes with straight segments between the sections. Smooth extrudes with the best fit arc between three or more sections

11. Tell me a time when you used your skills to resolve a problem with a complex job?

Demonstrates job knowledge and ability to solve problems.

12. Can you tell me do you plan on continuing your education as a drafter?

I would be happy to upgrade my associates degree into a degree in urban planning. Of course, this would have to be in the form of evening and weekend courses, as I would need to continue to work full time.

15. Tell me what do you enjoy the most about being a drafter?

I find my career as a CAD drafter to be very rewarding. What I enjoy most is that I am able to work on such a large variety of projects within both architectural and civil engineering. My skills over the years have become vast and there is always more to learn.

17. Can you please explain the difference between P11 and P12 Pipes?

P11 the chromium molybdenum composition which has 1% of chromium and molybdenum by 1/4% .

Whereas P12 is the chromium molybdenum composition which has 1% of chromium and 2% of molybdenum.

18. Suppose if I use Window->Close without saving my model, have I lost my work?

No, still the model can be retrieved from session until you use command Erase not displayed.

19. Can you explain me what is your minor & major projects?

While answering it is important to consider the principles of the project, reasons for your selection, Methodology, Results and Applications, pros and cons & future scope. Be prepared with a topic conclusion.

20. Fresh CAD/CAE Engineer Job Interview Questions:

☛ What is FEA?
☛ What is meshing?its purpose?
☛ Types of elements?
☛ What is discretization?
☛ What is CAE?
☛ What do you know about CFD?
☛ How to refine mesh?
☛ What is clean up geometry?
☛ Steps in FEA?
☛ What are types of material?

21. Top Professional CAD/CAE Engineer Interview Questions:

☛ Draw stress-strain diagram for various materials? (Mild steel, Glass, Brittle materials Etc.)
☛ Concepts of stress and strain. (Like What is stress? Stress unit?)
☛ Stress-Strain behavior. (Elastic deformation, Plastic deformation. Etc)
☛ What is Poisson's ratio?
☛ What is Hooke's law?
☛ Tensile Properties. (Ductility, Toughness and resilience)
☛ What is True stress and True strain?
☛ Theories Failure? (Max Principle stress theory, Distortion theory, Etc)
☛ What is plane stress and plane strain?
☛ Why Mohr's circle are used?
☛ All the Mechanical properties of materials
☛ What is fatigue?
☛ What is creep?
☛ What is finite element analysis? Steps in FEM analysis?
☛ What are the different types of Analysis?
☛ What are the types of Elements used in FEA?
☛ What is Volumetric strain?
☛ What is SFD and BMD? Why it is used?
☛ What is Moment of Inertia?
☛ What is Torsion? Concepts of torsion?
☛ Assumptions in Bending and Torsion theories?
☛ What is stiffness matrix?
☛ What is degree of freedom?
☛ How to draw SFD and BMD for cantiliver beam? (Important)
☛ Concepts of Heat Treatment
☛ Which is first Stress or Strain?
☛ Shear stress and Shear strain?
☛ Concept of Elongation?
☛ Types of support? (May be they will ask you to draw cantilever or Simply supported)
☛ Deflection theories?
☛ What is convergence criteria in FEM?
☛ What is Truss Element?
☛ What is Natural frequency?
☛ Draw bar element and write the stiffness matrix
☛ What is dampener?
☛ Difference between FEA and FEM?
☛ Why FEA?
☛ What is the approach of FEA?
☛ There is a cantilever beam if i heat the beam to certain temp, how much stress is developed in that body.
☛ What is Pre-Processor and Post-processor? What is analysis stage?
☛ Define node?
☛ Draw a typical three dimensional element and indicate state of stress in their positive signs.
☛ Write the standard form of finite element equation
☛ Write the stiffness matrix for the plane truss element
☛ Heat treatment concepts.
☛ Name at least four FEA popular packages.
☛ Is stress depends on material property?
☛ how many natural frequencies and mode shapes can beam has? why?
☛ what is the S-N curve?
☛ Shell plate are having How many degrees of freedom ?
☛ What is the shape function?

23. As you know we are looking for drafters that are prepared to handle more duties. How have you advanced beyond simply doing CAD Drafts?

Currently I am responsible for mentoring my own junior CAD drafter. My current company puts a large emphasis on mentorship and it was a huge compliment to me when I was asked to be a mentor to someone newer to their career. This is because I have a higher than average level of knowledge in regards to our systems, and projects.

24. What is Carnot engine?

It was an imaginary engine conceptualized by Carnot and this follows the Carnot cycle and provides 100% efficiency.

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25. Do you know what is blend vertex in Pro-Engineer? Or what does blend vertex do?

A blend vertex adds one additional vertex to the sketch, for example, when blending between a rectangle and a triangle a blend vertex is required on the triangle section so that the sections have the same number of vertices.