1. Why should I hire you as CAD/CAE Engineer?

Whether your interviewer asks you this question directly or not, this is an essential question of your interview because you must answer this question favorably peeping his mind before you will be hired. Walk through each of the position's requirements as you understand them, and tell each with a reason how you meet that requirement so well.

2. Tell us where & What you have learned from your industrial training?

To answer this start with where & in which department. Workflow of that department, advantages, disadvantages, information about a product and various types of problems.

3. Explain me do you enjoy collaborating with others?

I really do enjoy collaborating with others. I can always learn something from another team member and am able to give input as well. I find it very rewarding.

4. Tell me what is the difference between File, Erase and File, Delete?

File erase removes the object from the RAM of the computer and file delete removes the object from the disk or hard drive of the computer.

5. Tell us what is a free body diagram?

A free body diagram is a simple sketch of an isolated section or member of a part or a system with applied loads and reaction loads that satisfy the equations of static equilibrium in the principles of statics.

6. Tell me what are SFDs and BMDs for beams?

SFDs and BMDs are Shear Force Diagrams and Bending Moment Diagrams of loaded beams.

7. Do you know what is a trail file in Pro-Engineer?

The trail file is a record of every menu pick and screen pick and keyboard input during an entire session of pro/engineer. This file can be retrieved and edited and replayed to retrieve work lost during an unexpected failure of a session.

8. Do you know what is blend vertex in Pro-Engineer? Or what does blend vertex do?

A blend vertex adds one additional vertex to the sketch, for example, when blending between a rectangle and a triangle a blend vertex is required on the triangle section so that the sections have the same number of vertices.

9. What is Carnot engine?

It was an imaginary engine conceptualized by Carnot and this follows the Carnot cycle and provides 100% efficiency.

10. As you know we are looking for drafters that are prepared to handle more duties. How have you advanced beyond simply doing CAD Drafts?

Currently I am responsible for mentoring my own junior CAD drafter. My current company puts a large emphasis on mentorship and it was a huge compliment to me when I was asked to be a mentor to someone newer to their career. This is because I have a higher than average level of knowledge in regards to our systems, and projects.

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