1. What is diesel Engine?

An internal combustion engine in which fuel oil is burnt by heat produced from air compression. The most commonly bought Industrial Diesel Engines are either Rebuilt Diesel Engine or Used Diesel Engine.

2. What is non-Utility Generator?

Connected to an electric utility system, Non-utility Generator generates electricity specifically for those not owned by an electric utility.

3. What is voltage Regulator?

By modulating the flow of DC to the rotor, Voltage regulator maintains optimum generator voltage, automatically.

4. What is KVA?

KVA is kilovolt-ampere and is the unit of apparent power. KVA is used for measuring the power consumption of non-resistive equipment such as motors, computers, and most non-incandescent lighting.

5. As you know diesel mechanics are usually hired depending on their expertise in specific areas. What areas are you most comfortable working in?

While I am an experienced diesel mechanic and have experience in handling diesel engines in their entirety, I believe my interest lies in handling electrical systems and overhauling pertaining to vehicular diesel engines.

6. What is absolute Temperature?

The temperature measured using absolute zero as a reference. Absolute zero is -469.69° F (-273.16° C) and is the lowest point of temperature known.

7. What is cam-Ground Piston?

Oval shaped piston head design used by most large-diameter aluminum pistons, which expands in a nonuniform manner when hot to attain a round shape.

8. What is digital Sensor?

A sensor which uses duty cycles of two voltages in timed pulses of AC to relay such information as speed, throttle position, and engine timing.

9. What is combustion Cycle?

A series of thermodynamic processes throughwhich the working gas passes to produce one power stroke. The full cycle is: intake, compression, power, exhaust.

10. What is an American Public Power Association (APPA)?

A national service organization that represents 2000 municipal and other state or local publicly owned electric utilities spread across the United States.

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11. What is backup Generators?

Used for fulfilling emergency load requirement during sudden shortage of power.

12. What is turbine Generator?

Running on gas or steam turbine, turbine generator generates electricity through electromagnetic forces caused by steam, water or wind etc.

13. What is magneto?

Built with permanent magnets, Magneto is a special kind of alternator that generates current for ignition in an internal combustion engine.

14. What is peak?

Measurement of the maximum load that is consumed within a specified time period.

15. Tell us what abilities do you own that you feel you can be good diesel mechanic?

I have comprehensive knowledge of equipment, supply handling and inspection instruments. These together with an attentive to detail and meticulousness make it likely for me to work overtime specifically when sharp maintenance or troubleshooting is necessary.

16. What is bendix Type Starter Drive (Inertia Starter Drive)?

A type of starter drive that causes the gear to engage when the armature starts rotating and to automatically disengage when it stops.

17. What is cylinder Head?

The replaceable portion of the engine that seals the cylinder at the top. It often contains the valves, and in some cases, it is part of the combustion chamber.

18. What is blackout?

Sudden disruption of electrical power.

19. Do you know what is Direct Current (DC)?

Current produced by storage battery or electromagnetic induction, with a unidirectional flow.

20. What is electric Generator?

Generates electricity from a source of mechanical energy.

21. What is core?

Core is the magnetic structure built lamination in the generator.

22. What is stator winding?

Comprises of stator coils with their interconnections.

23. Please explain what three duties do you consider “all in a day's work” for someone working in a diesel mechanic position?

The first most important duty of a diesel mechanic is performing routine maintenance on diesel engines. Secondly, diesel mechanics replace and repair damaged or malfunctioning parts in engines, followed by fixing brake and electrical systems.

24. What is contactor?

It is used in control circuits.

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25. What is distribution?

Supply of lower voltage electric power from a centralized substation to the point of end use.