1. What is the benefit of Child Domain?

There are many benefits of Child Domain Such As:
☛ Security Boundary
☛ Administrative Overhead Low
☛ Network Traffic Low

2. What is path of Host File in Windows?

path : C:WindowsSystem32driversetc
where C: is a System root drive.

3. What is the work place in Desktop Engineer?

Desktop engineers work in office environments in most cases. Some companies require their engineers to travel between different work sites. There are remote support technologies that are allowing companies to cut down on their desktop engineer travel times, as common problems can be diagnosed and fixed over a remote connection.

4. What are the duties of desktop engineer?

A desktop engineer is used to set up the computer infrastructure needed for the business. This duty could be as simple as installing operating systems on a few office machines or as extensive as setting up a network of hundreds of computers. Desktop engineers install needed operating systems, software and hardware. Peripheral support for printers and servers might also fall under a desktop engineer's control.

5. Who is Desktop Engineer?

Desktop engineers provide support and implementation services to business infrastructures. This job has a number of different titles. It could be called desktop systems engineer, desktop support, support technician, helpdesk engineer or desktop deployment engineer. Desktop engineers need to have extensive knowledge of the software used by the business, as well as the operating systems and hardware peripherals that may be in use.

6. What are the advancements in Desktop Engineer?

Desktop engineers can specialize in certain technologies or go into a management position over other desktop engineers. Advancement into other types of computer sciences such as programming or software design is also possible.

7. Explain Parrallel port?

Parallel port transmit data in parallel form. It is transfer data 8 bit at a time. It is faster then Serial port. Its a 25 pin female Connector .

8. Explain Serial Port?

Serial Port transmit data in a serial form. It transfer data one Bit at a time. It is transfer data one bit after another Bit. Its a Slower then parallel Port. its a 9 Pin or 25 Pin male connector.

9. Explain about operation master role?

Operation Master Role is available on Domain Controller in the Network. There are five types of operation master roles:
☛ Schema master
☛ Domain Naming Master
☛ RID Master
☛ PDC Emulator
☛ Infrastructure Master

10. Explain about site?

A site is a geographical area where all of the domains are available. Site manages the replication traffic between two or more different sites in the network.

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