1. Explain shedding?

Shedding is the act of dividing the warp threads according to design into two parts, to allow the passage of shuttle/weft inserting element from one side of the loom to the other.

2. List down/what are the types of shedding mechanism?

★ Paddle/treadle shedding (used in hand loom)
★ Tappet shedding (used in power loom)
★ Dobby shedding (used in power loom, at past used in hand loom)
★ Jacquard shedding (both hand & power loom are used now)
★ Combined shedding

3. Write down the faults of picking?

★ Early picking
★ Late picking
★ Smash or Bang-off
★ Short picking
★ Harsh picking
★ Shuttle flying out

4. List some abbreviations?

PPM = picks per minute
PPI = picks per inch
EPI = Ends per inch
RS = Reed space

5. List down the types of needle?

★ Latch needle
★ Bearded needle
★ Compound needle

6. List down the weft knitting elements?

★ Needle
★ Sinker
★ Cam

7. List the basic knitted structure?

★ single jersey or plain
★ 1x1 rib
★ 1x1 inter lock
★ 1x1 purl

8. Explain back loop?

The loop where heads are above and hanks are below is called back loop.

9. Explain face loop?

The loop where heads are below and hanks are above is called face loop.

10. Explain warp & weft crimp?

The waviness of the yarns due to interlacing of warp and weft in producing fabric is called crimp.

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