1. Explain weaving?

The process of interlacing two sets of yarns namely warp and weft, at right angle to make a fabric, according to design.

2. Explain knitting?

It is the process of producing fabric by transferring continuous yarns into interlocking loops, each row of loop hanging from the one immediately preceding it.

5. List down the types/ classification of knitting?

Two types:
★ Warp knitting
★ Weft knitting.

12. List down the loom driving system?

★ Hand driving (hand loom) &
★ Electric motor driving (power loom)

13. List down/ what are the different types of shed?

★ Bottom close shed
★ Center close shed
★ Semi-open shed
★ Open shed

17. Explain fabric?

Interlacement of two or more thread of yarn.

18. Explain primary motion?

The primary motion are as follows-
★ Shedding
★ Picking
★ Beating

19. Explain secondary motion?

The secondary motion are as follows:
Let off

20. Explain tertiary motion?

The tertiary motion are as follows-
★ Warp stop motion
★ Weft stop motion
★ Warp protector
★ Weft protector

21. Where bottom & center close shed are used?

Hand jacquard looms to produce delicate fabrics.

22. Where the semi-open shed is used?

Double lift dobby & Jacquard.

23. One shedding + one picking + one beating =?

One weaving cycle/ loom cycle/picks cycle