1. Why self closing sounding pipes are used onboard?

It may possibly regulatory but I definitely know the US Coastguard pick up on it. It is for the fact a tank may be overfilled. A self closing sounding pipe will prevent overflow.

2. How ships are flooding?

Ships can be flooded due to rupture of its hull due to several reasons such as collision, grounding, and or poor hull maintenance by which corrosion may eat away the hull. Also for warships it could be of battle related exchange of firing

3. What are the functions of paring disc and flow control disc in purifier and clarifier?

it is a device to supply two types of water. No. of holes located at bottom.
types of water -1. Oprating Water (single injection)
2. Desludging water (fountain Water).

5. How many ports are there in India?

there are 12 major ports and 181 minor port in india

6. The place where happen iron losses?

In transformer case Core occurs iron loss (Eddy Current & Hysteresis Loss) Or No Load Loss in Electric Transformer.

7. How many types of ships?

Ships are divided into various types depending on their
nature of service.

1. Cargo Ships (Bulk carriers, general cargo carriers,
container vessels, oil tankers, chemical tankers, Product
tankers, gas carriers, Ro-Ro ships). Depending on their
sizes they are again classified as handymax, panamax,
suezmax, afromax, vlcc, ulcc, vloc, vlgc, etc.

2. Passenger Ships

3. Serivce ships, such as cable laying submarines, off shore
supply vessels, dp vessels etc

4. Protection such as war ships, Navy submarines etc.

8. What is specific fuel consumption and how fuel calculate?

generally it·s refer to the fuel consumtion rate, there
are several deferent way to catlculate the specific fuel
consuption, such as volumetric method and flow method. but
these methods can be taken only in lab. no possible do it
on the sea.

9. What is high temperature corrosion and what is center priming?

When material exposed to high temperature atmospehic
situation like high level of oxygen presence, sulfer
presence and different type chemical presence cause
matrial worsening . This type of material corrosion is
known as High temperature corrosion

10. What does 7L67GFCA stands forin a marine engine MITSUI B&W 7L67GFCA?

7L 67GFCA Means that the engine have seven in-line units
(cylinders)with 67centimeter of Liner diameter,water cooled
and super charged cross head engine.

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