1. Tell me what is quality control?

The checking verification and regulation of the degree of excellence of an attribute or property of material is known as quality control.

2. Tell me what is blotch print?

Prints where both the background and motif color are printed into the fabric using a direct printing process.

3. Tell me what is flocking?

The application of short fibers to a base fabric by the direct printing of adhesive onto the fabric in the desired areas and then sticking the fibers to these areas.

4. Tell me what is Blouson?

Blouson means the Bloused effect of fullness gathered in at and falling over a seam, typically the bodice over a skirt.

5. Tell me what is color recipe?

List of component chemicals and pigments or dyestuff with relative quantities required to produce desired color.

6. Do you know what is Bolt?

Bolt is the Unit in which fabric is packaged and sold by the manufacturer. Usually contains 12 to 20 yards.

7. Tell me can I Dye My Upholstered Chair/sofa/ottoman?

No. Don't even think about it, unless your piece is white or off white, and you are willing to undertake an experiment using Simply Spray spray-on fabric dyes.

8. Tell us what is standard temperature?

An atmosphere at the prevailing barometric pressure with a relative humidity of 65% and temperature of 20°C (68°F) is known as standard temperature.

9. Do you know what is Topstitched Seam?

A plain seam with a row of machine stitching on one or both sides of the seam line is known as the top stitched seam.

10. Tell us what is Ease?

Ease is the even distribution of slight fullness when one section of a seam is joined to a slightly shorter section without forming gathers or tucks. Used to shape set-in sleeves, princess seams, etc.

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