1. Explain me what safety training do you have?

I have a college safety training online course that one has to take before completing.

2. Tell me what do you enjoy most about a career in this field?

I enjoy the feel of the machine running, and being able to see how much work I have done and what a difference it can make.

3. Explain the type of heavy equipment you are experienced with?

Yes. I have years of experience on two skid-steers on a farm, I have been trained on multiple pieces of equipment, and I have operated equipment on the job.

4. Tell me the most interesting fixture you've made and what made it great?

Fixtures are a huge productivity opportunity. You'll want to understand whether the applicant has skills in this area and understands the productivity issues.

5. Tell me why do you want to work with heavy machinery?

I am happy to work with any machinery as long as know how to operate or trouble shoot the equipment. I do not have much experience with heavy machinery. In endoscopy I use computers, endoscopy stacks and Lancer re-processors which are stationary and simple to use.

6. Tell me what does workplace safety mean to you?

People who work with heavy equipment need to make sure that their surroundings are safe for them. I place workplace safety high on the pedestal. A safe workplace leads to successful work processes.

7. Tell me as your supervisor, how can I motivate you?

I want to experience more in heavy equipment and employ in good company with good salary for my family.

8. Tell me have you ever worked with a CMM? Tell us about your experiences with one?

This is not a skill everyone will have, but CMM's are turning up on shop floors more and more. It's worth knowing whether your applicant can handle one even if that isn't in the cards for the initial job.

9. Tell me why did you choose a career in machine operations?

I enjoy the everyday challenge of solving random machine issues and coming up with new ideas on how certain tasks can be performed differently and more efficiently to make the job easier.

10. Tell me have you ever had to deal with conflicting deadlines?

Yes, and I have learned to prioritize what you can, and if you can't make a deadline, notify others and don't panic about it, because if its going to be late, its going to be late. Mistakes can happen that can cost much more than the deadline when you are rushing to finish.

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