1. What are your plans for your future?

i will be good experiences engineer in a field

2. What is the u value?

over all heat coeffiecent

3. Why resistance has colour code?

it has colour code because there r so many resistance in
circuit and if any one will be burn then after dis-soldering
we can see the resistance value easily by color code. now a
day in resistance it has writen its own value on it.....

4. What is the meaning of certification cost?

Total costs depend on your specific product or service and
the licensing package.

5. What is difference between PLC and Logic Card?

there is no diffrence... technically
Both are logic controller... used for so many applications
and in PLC has it's own internal memory ( compared to Logic
card )

Logic card also called PCB and PLC is combined version of
Logic card and memory

6. Would you say me selecting Mechatronics Engineering will be useful to my career in this present society?

mechatronics engg will be usefull to compony
because you may select machanical engg for mechanical
maintenance and u may select electronics engg for
electronics maintenance .but mechatronics engg can handle
both. so you may help your compony in this cost cutting


The Pressure vessels (cylinder or tank) are used to store
fluids under pressure.If the pressure vessel are design in
the form of column to separate the gas at upper portion and
liquid is collected at bottom so called column generally a
pressure vessel (column)

8. Explain encoder definition?

An encoder is a device, circuit, transducer, software program,
algorithm or person that converts information from one format
or code to another, for the purposes of standardization,
speed, secrecy, security, or saving space by shrinking size.

9. As a mechatronic supervisor in field,& as a graduate student of mechatronic, what we have to know? Mean topics, matters & other things?

Mechatronics engineer is like a joker, he can play many rules according to his wide knowledge fields he knows.

you should have basics of
1. Back ground of how some systems work
2. system components (Sensors, Actuators, Controllers)
3. Electronics
4. CNC Machines
5. MC & plc