1. Why should we hire you as Plant Reliability Engineer?

Summarize your experiences: "With five years' experience working in the financial industry and my proven record of saving the company money, I could make a big difference in your company. I'm confident I would be a great addition to your team."

2. What are your weaknesses as Plant Reliability Engineer?

This is the most dreaded question of all. Handle it by minimizing your weakness and emphasizing your strengths. Stay away from personal qualities and concentrate on professional traits: "I am always working on improving my communication skills to be a more effective presenter. I recently joined Toastmasters, which I find very helpful."

4. What is SFMEA?

SFMEA means Simplified failure modes and effects analysis

5. What is the difference between: standby, backup and redundant equipment?

In reliability engineering one way to get high plant and equipment reliability is to provide an extra unit that is available to immediately replace the duty unit when it fails. The configuration of the second unit can be as a standby, or as a redundancy, or as a backup.

6. What is FTA in Reliability Engineering?

FTA means Fault tree analysis

7. Why did you leave (or why are you leaving) your job as Plant Reliability Engineer?

If you're unemployed, state your reason for leaving in a positive context: "I managed to survive two rounds of corporate downsizing, but the third round was a 20% reduction in the workforce, which included me."

If you are employed, focus on what you want in your next job: "After two years, I made the decision to look for a company that is team-focused, where I can add my experience."

8. Situational Reliability engineer interview questions:

► What was the most difficult period in your life, and how did you deal with it?
► Situation in which you had to arrive at a compromise.
► What relevant experience do you have?
► What have you been doing since your last job?
► What attracted you to this company?

9. Phone Based Reliability engineer interview questions:

► What were your annual goals at your most current employer?
► How would you describe the experience of working here?
► What are three positive character traits you don't have?
► What are the qualities of a good leader?
► When were you most satisfied in your job?

10. Strengths and Weaknesses Based Reliability engineering interview questions:

► What are your salary requirements.
► Tell us about the last time you had to negotiate with someone.
► What do you consider your most significant accomplishment?
► What do you see yourself doing within the first days of this job?
► When was the last time you were in a crises?

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