1. Tell us what would you do if you caught someone stealing?

I said I would tell someone in a higher position, such as a manager, instead of trying to interfere and deal with it myself.

2. Tell me would you clean the bathroom if I tell you to?

"Yes, sure"
After then, every time the bathroom is dirty, it's on me. I said yes only because it was my first job interview and didn't know how to say no.

3. Tell us how would I deal with a rude customer?

Listen and be as polite as possible and figure out the best way to help them

4. Tell me why did you leave your previous job?

Because they are relocated, thats why I am looking for a new job.

5. Tell me how would you handle unruly customers?

I would first try to handle the situation the best i could without him becoming upset. should this occur I would find the nearest manager and allow them and there trained expertise handle the situation.

6. Tell me how good your communication skills are?

Here you need to demonstrate your communication skills by sharing an example of any incident. The first thing you need to do is demonstrate the hallmarks of good communication: listen attentively, speak calmly and confidently, and engage with the interviewer, making eye contact and asking questions where appropriate. When preparing your answer for this type of communications skills question, bear in mind that the interviewer is most interested in the tools you use to deal with conflict.

7. Tell me what can you do to improve our store ? (Or some variation of this question)

I'll make sure to follow procedures to save time and product as well as learn the various positions of the store's operation to ensure that I become an asset to your restaurant.

8. Tell me why are you best candidate for shift manager position?

If you are asked this question, you should consider it as another chance to portray your talents, experience and salient skills related to the role under question. Refer to those advantages and qualities that you have that make you the best candidate for this position. You can take the opportunity to speak about your positive personal traits, like dynamism, dedication and attention to details if you think these are important for the position.