1. Tell me what do you know about our products?

I know that your products are nation wide products and that they are just what people need the most.

2. Do you have previous experience as a Product Promoter?

No I don't have any experience as a promoter.

3. Tell me what are your career goals as a Product Promoter?

I hoped that I could satisfied and understand what customers'need and introduce the most suitable product to them.

4. Tell me what qualifies you for this position?

Because am willing to go an extra mile to be an extravagant promoter.

5. Tell me do you have any knowledge about the products produced by us?

Yup. Before this, I had do some research about the company background and the advantages of product produced by your company.

6. Explain how do you deal with a customer in a stressful situation?

You may meet a lot of customers who may be stressed or angry. You should know how to tackle such situations.

When asked about this question, be confident to answer it. Give an example where you had to face a difficult person and describe how you handled him/her. Your answer should elaborate on your maturity and diplomatic skills.

7. How is it different from indoor sales?

The difference between indoor and outside sales are as follows :

☛ In outside sales, you need to travel to different places to meet the customers, whereas, in indoor sales, you need to work from the office.

☛ Your appearance counts in the outside sales, whereas, in indoor sales, you will have to interact with the customers through the telephone. Your appearance and body language does not matter but your manner of talking does.

8. Do you know what is target oriented sales?

When an organization aims for a specified amount of sales to be achieved within a specific time frame, it is known as target oriented sales. The harder you work, the more you achieve.

9. According to you, explain me what is the amazing aspect of an inside sales job?

Every job has certain aspects that attract the interest of an employee. It depends on an individual and his interests. Building a strong team can be one of the most amazing aspects of an inside sales job. People who do not like traveling, this aspect will be important to them. So, it varies from person to person.

10. Do you know what is outside sales? How is it different from indoor sales?

When a salesperson goes into the field to meet the potential customers to sell products, it is known as outside sales. It helps in maintaining a face-to-face relationship with the customers.

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