1. What motivates you in your job?

The biggest motivation is hitting new sales targets and being the best salesperson on the team. Say that selling is what drives you; it is your passion as well as your profession. You love the challenge of selling to new customers and thrive on team competition.

2. Explain me what Do You Dislike About Sales?

Any time you are asked to provide a negative trait about the position you are applying for, you should tread carefully. An example of an answer that effectively resolves the question is, "Walking away from a sale when I know the prospect could benefit from our solution." This answer shows you know that there are times where you need to walk away and show that you understand that sales is about solutions.

3. Tell me what is your previous record in sales?

Be honest and talk briefly about your experience. Highlight any major deals you made and be very positive about the companies you have worked for. Talk about how your career has progressed to date and mention any responsibilities you had.

4. Explain me what is it about sales you enjoy?

Say that you enjoy the challenge of speaking to new customers and closing a deal. For you, the best thing about sales is the knowledge that you can turn people who are interested in a product into buyers.

5. Explain what do you think of your previous boss?

My last boss taught me the importance of time management - he didn't pull any punches, and was extremely deadline-driven. His no-nonsense attitude pushed me to work harder, and to meet deadlines I never even thought were possible.

6. Teach me something I do not already know?

A good friend of mine informed me of a brilliant question that is asked by Google hiring managers. The candidate is asked some iteration of, "teach me something I don't already know." The candidate then has to quickly think of something unique on the spot to teach that will effectively portray how well they can sell.

7. Why are you leaving your current role as Regional Sales Manager?

I've learned a lot from my current role, but now I'm looking for a new challenge, to broaden my horizons and to gain a new skill-set - all of which, I see the potential for in this job.

8. What is your ideal outcome from a sales call?

The ideal outcome of a sales call is always to make a sale. Failing that, it is for the customer to agree to a meeting or follow up call.

9. How would you create a competitive but positive atmosphere in your sales team?

Say that you would set up some internal competitions with prizes based on sales targets. The prizes would be given at group events, such as a monthly team meal.

10. Tell us what brought you here?

Without a purpose behind the pitch, it's impossible to lead and inspire a sales team. This question helps identify the journey and their sense of the situation from the get go. The gems are usually the ones that answer with a desire to be a part of what you're doing.

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