1. ____________factors are most popular bases for segmenting customer groups.

* a) Geographic
* b) Demographic
* c) Psychographic
* d) Behavioral

Answer b

3. ________________ is process of evaluating each market segments attractiveness and selecting one or more segments to enter.

* a) Mass marketing
* b) Market segmentation
* c) Market targeting
* d) Market positioning

Answer c

5. Many firms have sought relief from foreign competition by demanding protectionism policies by the U.S. government. A better way for companies to compete is to expand into foreign markets and:

* a) Lower prices
* b) Increase promotion both at home and abroad
* c) Continuously improve their products at home
* d) Join into cartels at home

Answer c

6. _____________ is principle of enlightened marketing that requires that a company seek real product and marketing improvements.

* a) Innovative marketing
* b) Consumer-oriented marketing
* c) Value marketing
* d) Sense-of-mission marketing

Answer a